Proximity, Identity, Ignorance, and Hate. One more formula for a restless night.

Gary Bachman, associate professor of social work at Park University, reflects on the shootings at a Jewish Community Center and geriatric home in Overland Park, KS, on April 13, 2014. more »


Publisher's Thoughts - Spring 2014

Thoughts from publisher/editor Linda May Grobman for the Spring 2014 issue of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER magazine. more »

Linda's Agenda

Do Involuntary Clients Have a Right to Self-Determination?

Self-determination is built on the values of autonomy and respect for the dignity and worth of all people. So, given the primacy of self-determination, how is it that social workers can ethically justify working with clients who are mandated to more »

Ethics (1 Comments)

Starting Where the Student Is: Reflections of a First-Year Social Work Graduate Student

I’m not sure if my experience as a first-year social work graduate student exactly mirrors that of others. Actually, I believe it unfair to assume that there is one “standard” experience of a student in this field, as the beauty of this profession is more »

Field Placement

GO FAR! A Useful Framework for Developing Career Success in Social Work

New social workers often feel overwhelmed trying to remember and apply what seems to be mountains of information to become effective and successful practitioners. GO FAR is a framework for remembering essential ingredients in social work career succe more »


What Every Social Worker Needs To Know About the Universal Accreditation Act of 2012

The Universal Accreditation Act extends the safeguards provided by Hague accreditation to orphans born in countries that are not signatories to the Hague Adoption Convention, their adoptive parents, and birth parents. more »


Groups: Rescuing the Creative Self: An Art Expresson Group

Not all that long ago in our culture, creative pursuits were more commonplace. People kept personal journals, painted watercolor studies of their gardens, sketched while on vacation, and repurposed objects like spools and used bottles into toys or more »


The Oscars and Thanking Those Who Helped Along the Way

Surprisingly, the highlight of the 86th Academy Awards night for me wasn’t finding out who won what; it was Lupita Nyong’o’s enthusiastically grateful acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress. more »

Reviews & Commentary

Finding Families for Children - Not Children for Families: Social Workers and Adoption

Through the use of strengths and empowerment perspectives, social workers are in a unique position to support all members of the adoption triad, including birth parents, child, and adoptive parents. more »

Practice (2 Comments)

Understanding the Involuntary Commitment Process: Helping Patients Maintain Their Right to Self-Determination

Through my work as a social worker on a voluntary inpatient psychiatric unit, I have seen how complicated the mental health system can become when a state entity must get involved with psychiatric care. Despite the paperwork that patients sign more »


Social Workers as Mandated Reporters: I Made the Report - Now What? Part VII

Congratulations! You used your education, experience, expertise, and critical thinking skills to make a tough call to Child Protective Services. Now you’re wondering what’s next… more »

Practice (2 Comments)

Microaggressions and the Internet

The online environment is rampant with prejudicial statements against many different populations not in the majority. Microaggressions are about power imbalance and privilege afforded the dominant culture. more »


Transcending Dementia Through the TTAP Method: A New Psychology of Art, Brain, & Cognition - Book Review

Book review of Transcending Dementia Through the TTAP Method: A New Psychology of Art, Brain, & Cognition, Madori. more »

Reviews & Commentary

Research Methods for Social Workers, 2nd Edition - Book Review

Book review of Research Methods for Social Workers, 2nd Edition, Faulkner and Faulkner more »

Reviews & Commentary

The Children's Bureau: Shaping a Century of Child Welfare Practices, Programs, & Policies - Book Review

Book review of The Children's Bureau: Shaping a Century of Child Welfare Practices, Programs, and Policies, Lawson, McCarthy, and Dickinson. more »

Reviews & Commentary

Multiple Minority Identities: Applications for Practice, Research, & Training - Book Review

Book review of Multiple Minority Identities: Applications for Practice, Research, and Training, Nettles and Balter more »

Reviews & Commentary

Video: Post Traumatic Growth

Spoken word poetry that takes viewer on the emotional roller coaster that veterans with PTSD go through. 1 in 5 veterans suffer from PTSD and 23+ a day commit suicide. Something needs to change; therefore, the Post-Traumatic Growth movement commences more »


The Staggering Talents of Bayard Rustin: Lessons From Backstage

Bayard Rustin's skills as an organizer, planner, and leader were highly valued by prominent leaders in the Civil Rights Movement; yet, Rustin was relegated to the background during the Movement. He was a gay man, which he guarded from public scrutiny more »


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