DSM-5 and the Ethics of Diagnosis

This article explores the DSM-5 in relation to ethical concerns such as demonstrating respect for the dignity and worth of all people, empowering clients, practicing within one’s professional competence, and owing a primary duty of care to clients. more »


Living With Uncertainty

Our clients come to us with depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, health issues, grief, and loss. We list our specialties on our cards and websites. How many of us list “dealing with uncertainty” as a specialty? more »

Field Placement

Red, Yellow, and Green Flags in the Social Work Interview

You completed your field placement. You graduated with your BSW or MSW. Maybe you studied hard and passed your social work licensure exam. It should be all downhill from here, right? WRONG! You still have to find and land that dream job! more »


Growing Oaks

Social workers have the power to completely change family trees, to influence future generations of root systems. When we go beyond the call of duty, we have the potential to produce thousands of strong Mighty Oaks. more »


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