A Look at Social Work and Technology

John Riolo presents a slide show/video on social work, technology, and ethics. more »

Social Work Month 2015

Merging the Personal and Professional - Social Work Leads the Path to Change

Tina Atherall talks about merging personal and professional interests to pave the path for change through social work. more »

Social Work Month 2015

Nation's Top Nephrology Social Workers for 2015 Honored

March is both National Social Work Month and National Kidney Month. The National Kidney Foundation's Council of Nephrology Social Workers (NKF-CNSW) is recognizing outstanding professionals who are advancing the field of nephrology social work. more »

Social Work Month 2015

7 Characteristics Every Social Worker Needs

Seven characteristics every social worker needs to have are flexibility, creativity, passion, empathy, trustworthiness, competence, and a sense of humor. more »

Social Work Month 2015

I Will Survive

A poem on surviving, by social work student Peta-Gaye Walker. more »

Social Work Month 2015

As We Celebrate Social Work Month, Recognize NASW, Social Work Profession Must Still Work Hard To Overcome Societal Challenges

NASW president Darrell Wheeler's Social Work Month message urges social workers not to "rest on past laurels – there is so much yet to do, and we cannot afford to lose precious gains already made." more »

Social Work Month 2015

When “Just Say No” is Not Enough: Teaching Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a strengths-based and client-centered helping strategy utilized in both prevention and practice models. Although its roots are in addictions treatment and public health, the principles can be used in other social work settings. more »

Social Work Month 2015 1 Comments

A Thousand Times

Amy Sugeno, LCSW, sings her original song about adoption, "A Thousand Times." more »

Social Work Month 2015 2 Comments

Carolyn Called

A story of loss, change, growing older, and difficult family conversations more »

Social Work Month 2015

I Found Social Work Along Life's Path

As a child, I did not plan to or dream of becoming a social worker; rather, as I have traveled along my life’s path, I have felt increasingly that social work is my calling. more »

Social Work Month 2015

art by Laura Daugherty

Never Lose Hope

Artwork entitled "Never Lose Hope," by social work student Laura Daugherty of Warner University. Social work is more than lending a helping hand, but can provide a sense of hope, which is rooted deep down in our hearts. more »

Social Work Month 2015

An Interview on Late Adulthood

North Carolina State University social work student Sierra Stanford interviews her grandmother and two aunts about their lives. more »

Social Work Month 2015

Celebrating the Prudent Professional Life of a Social Worker

Being “prudent” means being careful about one’s own interest, exercising good judgment, and being careful about one’s behavior. Licensed social workers take care of themselves and their clients by conducting their work prudently. more »

Social Work Month 2015

Hope Through Social Work

A poem on hope through the empathy, understanding, and empowerment of social work, by Alexandria Lewis. more »

Social Work Month 2015

Social Work Pride

The reason I am so delighted to be a social worker is pride in our commitments, our extraordinary history, and all of the remarkable leaders, from our beginning through the years, who have never given up keeping the hope of our profession alive. more »

Social Work Month 2015

photo credit: Gino Santa Maria

Black Lives Matter - What a Social Work Educator's Students Have To Say

It wasn't until August 9, 2014, when 18-year-old Michael Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, MO, that the words “Black Lives Matter” resonated on social media sites and in the news. Why did Black lives matter then, when they always have? more »

Social Work Month 2015

Musical Interlude - Fabian Carrera Plays Vivaldi

Florida Intenational University social work student and accomplished classical guitarist Fabian Carrera plays Vivaldi Concerto in D Major. more »

Social Work Month 2015

A Social Worker Will Be There

A Social Worker Will Be There, a poem about social work, by Bonnie Lee Camp. more »

Social Work Month 2015

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