Cupful of Hope - A Life-Defining Moment

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International Social Work is extremely complex and at a high need. Though the work may be extremely laborious, it's so sensational and brings nothing but joy & happiness to your heart. Yote, this piece is phenomenal. A Cupful of Hope and a Glassful of Faith. Thank you for the work that you do. Continue to inspire others and depart with a legacy like no other. #love

Edward J. Meredith 319 days ago


It's such a joy to see how one act of kindness can fill the hearts of so many and transcends across cultures. I pray others seek inspiration from this article and have the opportunity to partake in selfless acts of helping others...there's no greater feeling. Great article Carmen!

Monica W. 320 days ago

Cupful of Hope - A Life-Defining Moment


Ayman 323 days ago


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