10 Things I Learned From Taking a Social Work Job I Didn’t Think I Wanted

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I really appreciate the fact that you were willing to share this story. Every moment can be a learning experience. and life does not always follow our carefully thought out plans. I wish you continued success.

Tiffany M.Thompson, MSW 265 days ago

Starting per diem hospice job!

This is so helpful to me as I start out on my hospice journey! I have switched careers and have chosen to do this per diem work, so that part is different. But many of the points of "newness" are very parallel. I am excited to use my significant skills in a different way with families, staff, and individuals at the end of their lives. And of course, I wonder, can I do this? One more point that has helped me: it isn't about me, it is about being there for the other, and isn't that what all social work is about? When you take the "me" out of it, it feels good! Best to all on life's journey to comfort others in the way that meets their needs.

Nancy Miringoff 267 days ago

Very helpful article!

Thanks for this informative article. I look forward to sharing it with my MSW interns.

Susan Radzilowski 277 days ago

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