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Do you like this?

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He was right

I think the man's reaction was end result of his experience in protecting himself from compassion fatigue. Probably learned through experience. Maybe the best protective notion is that we might be able to give those going in and those already established in the profession is the skills to leave worries at the end of the day.

Rebecca 76 days ago

Compassion Fatigue: being an Ethical Social Worker

The compassion piece, I believe is really what makes US feel and combats the paralysis of the traumatic aspect , Wurzweiler, the "touchy feely" school which I attended, (and maybe you did also, since you look familiar), taught me about emotions. The career experiences and my belief in the feeling aspects, taught me how to love the profession the way that you do. Religion also helped. Great article.

barbara arfe 275 days ago

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