Ethics Alive! A Text in the Night

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Case evidence

Social workers should also be advised that cell phones, Ipads, laptops, etc can be confiscated as evidence in a court case. For example, messages received by a social worker discussing the client's recent drug use can become evidence in a custody case.

Kimberly 13 days ago


I totally agree that it would be inappropriate to ask students to use their person cellphones. I think that the agency or school should provide those if required (especially for personal boundaries - which of course they are hopefully teaching students to maintain). But I thought it was interesting that there was no discussion around the ethics contained around receiving a late night sms. I suppose that could be an entire debate in it's own. But how to social workers that are doing outreach work actual define their hours when their mobiles are the primary means of contact for people within their communities. When (within community organizations especially) do we appropriately say that our jobs are finished for the day given the need for more flexible non-9-to-5 shifts. I think this raises huge issues and being able to have a mandated phone from the organization or school is essential to be able to define those lines and boundaries too I reckon.

Shane more than 2 years ago

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