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Do you like this?

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I needed this so bad...

I am preparing to take the licensure exam and I feel ethics is the part I am struggling most with. This table and how this article is broken down is in credibly helpful. I'm adding this to our social work survival guide at work!

Liz 11 days ago

Table 1 Not Available

This article is very helpful --- having access to Table 1 would make it even better. I tried reading the article through a digital port, however, the print is so tiny that I can't make out the contents of the Table reproduced there. Is there some other source through which the Table can be accessed?

Gail Lawrence 278 days ago

Table 1

Gail, thank you for your comment. Table 1 has now been added to this article. It is also available in the PDF version of the magazine.

Linda Grobman, Publisher/Editor 278 days ago

What is an ethical dilemma article

Wonderful, thank you. Now I can enjoy the article in its totality. Hopefully others will do likewise.

Gail Lawrence 274 days ago

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