10 Essentials Social Workers Must Know About Hope

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Hope and Strength-Based Intervention

Hi Dr. Clark,

I really enjoyed reading this post. It made me think that social work's emphasis on strength based macro and micro interventions shifts individuals and communities from hopelessness to hope. Something like solution focused therapy comes to mind. When you believe the solution is already in the client, hope is abundant. When the solution is outside the client, there is a chance he or she may not obtain that solution because those external forces are outside their control. This brings in a flood of hope in my mind. My good friend does Multi-Systemic Therapy and they generally use a mixture of SFBT, Motivational Interviewing, and CBT, all strengths based, and evidence is showing this intervention is working; hope is working. Thank you for this post and your stimulating thoughts. I work for inSocialWork®, the podcast series at the University at Buffalo. There is a podcast on Multi-Systemic Therapy at http://www.insocialwork.org/episode.asp?ep=201. Perhaps if you are interested in the therapy, give it a listen! It is a great episode and we would love to hear your and other listener's thoughts!


Caitlin Beck 5 days ago

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