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men are victims also

i have been mentally abused by my wife, but because i'm a man we tend not to report this, she also has pushed me physically to, push me into a confrontation, the same issues that plague women, plague men also

raul 308 days ago

Domestic violence

As a person who's been abused - thank you for your words - it will help to educate people on all levels - I am no longer a victim of domestic violence - I made vowed to remove myself and my two young children from the situation - we now living a beautiful life :)

Beverly Deleary 354 days ago


Some of the most abusive people I know are females. Sad fact, no one reports them for emotional abuse. It's only tagged if the individual does something that gets them diagnosed with a mental disorder and so many of them don't get tagged (because no one, especially men, report their behavior).

Angie 354 days ago

um I think we know this

As a social worker I am a little insulted you that you think we wouldn't know these things.

dawb 355 days ago


And I'm a little insulted that you think everybody knows what you know. I didn't know half this stuff.

John Q. Public 355 days ago

Brilliant Article

Thank you so much for this article. It addresses some of the biggest obstacles to preventing and ending domestic violence. Woman are often blamed and re-victimized by first responders such as law enforcement and even social workers. The abusers use their skills of manipulation to carefully create a situation where the woman is powerless without resources and often finds a way to discredit her claiming she is unfit as a parent, a wife, in personal character and even laying claims of abuse on her. These charming abusers can convince the very people designated to help the battered woman of these accusations.

Another important fact not mentioned here is that the law and the courts have the final say in what happens to these women and their children. Often times society's attitude towards abused women and their lack of resources financial or otherwise tilt the scales of justice in favor of the abuser. It is important that domestic violence be addressed as a community and it is equally important that the justice system evolve to a higher level of competency to ensure justice for these women.

Nicole George 356 days ago


Substantial literature suggests that men and woman are both abusive and is not solely based on gender. The fact that women appear more in hospitals is because of the stigma and under reporting of violence against males.

Luis 356 days ago

domestic violence

Those are flawed studies. Those studies use the conflicts tactics scale, which ask which does not put the violence into context. DV is a gendered crime. There are absolutely male victims of this crime, but the women are still the majority of its victims.

Jennifer 356 days ago

Male IPV

While men are victims of domestic violence and their abuse is under reported we cannot forget that the abuse of women is a systemic problem that is directly related to the historical subjugation of women. The remnants of the idea that women are less than and are the property of their male partner that exists in society, the abuser, and sometimes in the women being abused.
I don't want to be misunderstood. I believe male victims of IPV need to be recognized and receive help but what I often see happening is a redirection away from the societal problems that create and enforce violence against women when we forget that by and large it is a gender issue.

Nicole George 356 days ago

Great gift book for social workers!

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