Social Worker on the Shelf, and What Barbie Has Taught Me About Feminism

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THIS inspired the #ThisIsSocialWork contest with Missouri NASW!

The SW on a shelf series on Instagram inspired me (@stacybraiuca) to chat with my colleague and ED of Missouri NASW to co-sponsor a contest for Social Work month for March 2016. We created and set up the contest based 90% on the inspiration from @s_w_ontheshelf and the fun educational posts in December. I would love it if you were able to pass along the information about it. We are extending the deadline for entries until February 29th! You don't have to be IN Missouri, be a member of NASW, or be ON instagram to enter! ALL you have to do is BE a social worker, or social work student; take a photo that means #thisissocialwork to you; write 2-3 short sentences to tell us why; and put it in this form and let us do the rest!

Stacy Braiuca 296 days ago