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All a scam

We have been in talks about a possible international adoption. The birthmoms social workers email ends in this all be a scam???? Ugh. What a dissapointment!!

Emily 20 days ago

Reply to Emily

There have been many scam warnings about various scams using the domain I would be very wary of any contact with/from them. 17 days ago

Is this email genuine
I received some mails from them about a World Health Organization Conference in the USA but I doubt If it’s genuine

Rahaman Adams 112 days ago


We are not associated with We have received several reports of scams from that domain. Do not respond to these emails, as they are most likely part of a scam. 112 days ago

Received A Message

I have Received a message from unknown No. The Content is as follows
" Brigg From UK.Who can help me on my investment plan in india. real Estate / Business.
****** [address removed]

Durgadas Rajguru 225 days ago


Yes, that sounds like a scam. Also, please note that the email is not from our domain. 224 days ago

Validity of Email Address

My father has been corresponding with someone at
Please can you confirm if this person is associated with your organisation.

Sara Cromie more than 1 year ago


No, this person is not associated with us. Also, is not our domain, so there is no one at that domain that is associated with us. Thank you. more than 1 year ago


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