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When we provide individuals with the space to think, to broaden their emotional literacy, to feel what feels un-feelable, we send change agents out into the world. Dr. Danna Bodenheimer signs off with her final weekly blog post. more

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It is essential to remind ourselves and our clients that we are not working to eliminate painful affect states. We are working to find the tools to survive the inevitability of these states. more

Real World Clinical

In past two years, I have developed a new way of working with clients who suffer from burnout. It is a short-term, highly focused interactive process based on the development of what can best be described as a trusted “emotional sense of direction. more


I met the therapist of my life in 1995. I was a sophomore in college. The vernacular around having a love of our life is well established. But we don’t talk as much about the therapist of our life. more

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Asking questions that shift, deepen, & create openings is a task that requires premeditation & savvy. Thinking carefully and feeling our way into the simple efficacy of the intervention of inquiry & curiosity is clinical social work at its best. more

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While I certainly have no affection for wasps, I am so grateful for the one that stung me. It made me realize how deadened I can be in treatment. It made me realize just how easy it is for me to stay silent, even in the face of panic and pain. more

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Jonathan Singer of the Social Work Podcast interviews Dr. Danna Bodenheimer on what it means to be a clinical social worker. A phenomenal conversation between two social workers. A must-listen! more

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We don’t take off our hats when some arbitrary rule says that work is over at 5:00 pm, or a session ends after 45 minutes. It isn’t that we can never take our social work hats off. It is that we do so selectively and carefully. more

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As you engage on social media, you might finally feel like you’re taking control of your brand, until you receive a Facebook friend request from your client. The ethical dilemmas are immediate, and hopefully you’re prepared when and if this happens. more

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I want to address the powerful myth of the “perfect” intervention or the search to say the “perfect” thing. I often hear students and supervisees struggling to figure out what to say or what to “do” from one clinical moment to the next. more

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Praise for Dr. Danna Bodenheimer's book, Real World Clinical Social Work: Find Your Voice and Find Your Way. more

Real World Clinical

Author biography for Dr. Danna Bodenheimer, author of Real World Clinical Social Work: Find Your Voice and Find Your Way. more

Real World Clinical

Read about Dr. Danna Bodenheimer's book, Real World Clinical Social Work: Find Your Voice & Find Your Way, including the full Table of Contents. Bodenheimer serves as a mentor or a supportive supervisor as she shares practice wisdom. more

Social Work Books

Book review of 101 Social Work Clinical Techniques. more

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