Cultural competence

Santa Marta

Jessica Bazan

Reverse culture shock is normal. In an attempt to prepare others coming back from study abroad or intense international travel programs, here are some suggestions for how to cope with guilt, loss, and other feelings when you return home. more »

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You land your ideal social work job and are thrilled. Then, when you begin work, you realize that your boss is severely burned out, and the staff is under heightened stress from negative leadership, which is causing poor worker-client relationships more »

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Goonj launches NJPC – A Million Voices - A global campaign to shun the shame and silence around menses

Goonj, an India-based nonprofit, has launched the NJPC - A Million Voices campaign, bringing together a million voices shunning the taboo on menses. more »

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I am a francophone student. I was born and raised in Montreal, and my parents are both from Haiti. I have never ever studied in an institution where the entire teaching was done in English. more »

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New social workers are on a path of self-discovery and has embraced acceptance, where he or she is from, and all that it entails. The new social worker speaks with confidence about race and ethnicity and knows about his or her culture. Are we ready? more »

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I posit that we, as social workers, embrace a new philosophy about our profession. I no longer want to be merely culturally competent. The vision of compassion plus competent action can indeed change the world. more »

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Bayard Rustin's skills as an organizer, planner, and leader were highly valued by prominent leaders in the Civil Rights Movement; yet, Rustin was relegated to the background during the Movement. He was a gay man, which he guarded from public scrutiny more »


Growing up in a household with Afro-Caribbean parents, I was brought up to neither share confidences nor admit emotional pain to outsiders. The personal disclosure and behavioral changes that therapists typically suggest were often embarrassing more »


Looking back now, I realize that Miss Martha taught me most of what is important to know in life, and as a social worker. I’d like to share her lessons with you, in case you, like me, didn’t pay close enough attention back then. more »


Being a MOTHER of children with different men was a tough place for me—a tough place for my now adult children. Just a brief story of how I come to have these beautiful children: This is my truth—no excuse—just my truth. When a young girl grows up more »

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A social work student reflects on learning cultural competence in a field placement as a victim/witness advocate. more »


Heterosexism is defined as “discrimination in favor of heterosexual and against homosexual people,” based on the assumption that heterosexuality is the only so-called normal, and preferred, way of living. Heterosexism is said to render our clients’ more »


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