Gerontology Social Work

Social workers in the aging field work in nursing homes, senior centers, NORCs, hospitals, hospices, and other settings.

Memories of a grandmother who had Alzheimer's Disease. A poem by Lauren Orlofsky, social work student at Michigan State University. more »

Social Work Month Project 2016

Get Into the Act - The Older Americans Act Turns 50

This year marks a milestone in the history of how the U.S. supports its older citizens. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Older Americans Act into law in July 1965. For 50 years, the OAA has provided the nation with programs for older Americans. more »

Social Work News

A story of loss, change, growing older, and difficult family conversations more »

Social Work Month 2015 2 Comments

North Carolina State University social work student Sierra Stanford interviews her grandmother and two aunts about their lives. more »

Social Work Month 2015

Although Americans move about and resettle more than people from any other country, the trend for current elders and baby boomers is to reside in their original communities as they age. In fact, the trend of “aging in place” has raised more and more more »


The opportunities for gerontological social workers seem extensive. As we devote our talents to health and homeostasis of every system, let us remember a poignant one liner of George Burns, a most famous and clever centagenerian: “I look to the more »

Practice 1 Comments

It seems nearly inevitable that anyone who becomes a social worker will eventually end up functioning as the “resource” person for their family and friends, particularly when something happens to them that they are sure you just might know something more »

Practice 3 Comments

The book Days in the Lives of Gerontological Social Workers highlights experiences of social workers through first-person narratives. This volume focuses on professional social work in direct and indirect practice with and on behalf of older adults more »

Social Work Books

I wanted to explore a career path where I could make a difference not just in someone’s life, but also in their day. The Hartford Foundation’s Practicum Partnership Program (PPP) seemed like a great opportunity to explore something new. more »

Field Placement

Aging is often viewed as the central component behind memory decline found in older adults. Intuitively, it appears quite straightforward; aging leads to memory decline. Yet, when problems in older adult memory happen, is the attribution of the aging more »


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