The idea of resolutions and why they conflict so much with actual self-care is that they are resolute, clear, black and white. Nothing that we do falls under this heading. more »

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The insidious, universal buy-in about the sheer “goodness” of gratitude & forgiveness feels frighteningly unquestioned & reductive. The ideas of gratitude & forgiveness, while not necessarily intertwined, are often sold together as sister products. more »

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Looking at the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, Addison Cooper asks social workers to take a look at their own lives and the impact they have made as we enter and look forward to a new year. more »

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We are entering the series of holidays I call the Holiday Triangle. We have embraced this triangle with the intentions of joyfulness, happiness, and fulfillment. Within this process, we have done so many people the disservice of expecting happiness. more »

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