Star athlete activists have a passion for addressing injustice and a breadth of visibility. Social workers have advocacy skills, an understanding of policy, and knowledge of effective programs. Together, we can be a force for change. more

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What does it mean to interrupt Islamophobia? And how does social work fit in? more

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#MacroSW Twitter chats on the Grand Challenges for Social Work initiative are summarized. more


Ken Nwadike, Jr., spoke at the PA NASW 2017 conference. Known as the "Free Hugs Guy," Nwadike is a peace activist who has gotten involved at events such as the Boston Marathon, protests, and rallies to spread love, peace, and hugs. more


CRISP Political Boot Camp Panel

Photo courtesy of CRISP.

Can you imagine how much more effective Congress would be if 20 percent or more of its members were social workers? The first CRISP Political Boot Camp provided three days of training in political social work. more


The term “toxic masculinity” can describe a set of very narrow standards, behaviors, and expectations for manhood and masculinity that values dominance, power, and control and devalues empathy, the acknowledgment of emotions, and other traits. more

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Read the transcript of May 18, 2017, #MacroSW Twitter chat on transferable skills in social work. more


Social workers must become better allies and culturally competent regarding the needs and voices of marginalized groups, because we are ethically bound to fulfill this task. more


Along the way, I did not always feel accepted; I wasn’t “social worky” enough for social workers, and I wasn’t “business” enough for fundraisers. We must revere and support social workers at each level of practice – micro, mezzo, and macro. more

Social Work Month Project

Young social workers have the skills and knowledge needed to organize campuses and communities across America and to be the difference makers in the coming elections and the future of America. more

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Regardless of the barriers that exist, social workers are a permanent fixture that will always defend social justice, regardless of mounting adversity. more

Social Work Month Project

Have you thought about becoming a social work regulator as an area of social work practice or to broaden your social work avenues to volunteer? Service on a state or provincial regulatory board offers opportunity to flex your macro muscles. more

Social Work Month Project

The person initially tasked with ACA implementation was the Honorable Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services from 2009-2014. In this exclusive interview, Secretary Sebelius offers advice to aspiring human service professionals. more


Dr. Danna Bodenheimer on micro/macro practice, the economy, trauma, social movements, and the future for social workers and their clients after the election. more

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We typically think about how to avoid retraumatizing our clients. But what about considering a trauma-informed approach to the systems in which we work? How can we build system-wide policies and practices that minimize retraumatization? more

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#MacroSW is a hashtag used for weekly Twitter chats on macro social work topics. more

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#MacroSW Twitter Chat Transcript - Career Building for Social Workers - May 14, 2015

#MacroSW is the hashtag for a Twitter chat on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern focusing on subjects relevant to social workers, especially those interested in macro level practice. Read the transcript of a chat on career building for social workers. more

Linda's Agenda

Passion. Inspiration. Voice. This video was created in an effort to have social work students understand the power in connecting social work to the legislative process. The video is aimed at tapping into a social workers' passion and inspiration more

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Frances Perkins

Photo courtesy of the Frances Perkins Center.

If the aim of social work is to alleviate human suffering, there are few whose reach has been as wide as Frances Perkins’. Perkins was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor and an architect of modern-day social welfare policy. more


Shippensburg University Social Work Students Target Community for Macro Change

Practice with Organizations and Communities, a macro practice class referred to as “POC,” is generally regarded as the climax of the social work student’s college career and requires students to identify a social justice issue and work toward change. more

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