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The growing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) movement helps individuals identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness. Social workers are among both the trainers and the trainees. more

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Book review of Helping the Suicidal Person more

Reviews & Commentary

Book review of Irvin Yalom's Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist's Memoir more

Reviews & Commentary

Book review of Bipolar, Not So Much: Understanding Your Mood Swings and Depression. more

Reviews & Commentary

We must overcome the notion that physical and mental health are separate domains. Instead, we can foster a teamwork approach among clients and staff as we promote opportunities to address both physical and mental health needs. more

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So often, when we think of victims or survivors of interpersonal violence, specifically sexual assault, we think of girls and women. In reality and throughout history, boys and men have also experienced sexual violence. more

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March is Red Cross Month. Social workers are well-qualified to provide disaster mental health (DMH) services, and requirements for DMH volunteers have been broadened as of 2017. more

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I am optimistic that I will one day witness a time when mental health support is at the forefront of political forums, when mental education is as relevant as physical education in our school systems. more

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One of the guards rattled his giant ring of old keys and asked me if I wanted to see "the brain museum." Seriously. I'd heard rumors about this peculiar collection of cranial content, but the potential reality had thus far only been that: a rumor. more


Life, Interrupted - a poem. more

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Crisis Text Line

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Volunteering with Crisis Text Line has helped me hone skills that are imperative to succeeding in the world of social work. Crisis Text Line saves lives and has developed the largest open mental health data set, hoised at more


Individuals with narcissistic tendencies, basically, function in a constant crisis around self-esteem. Rather than being driven by attachment, which many of us are, more narcissistic folks are driven by the wish to experience a stable sense of worth. more

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What does Pokémon Go have to do with social work? Although no formal studies exist to testify to the mental health benefits of playing Pokémon Go, a number of news articles have presented anecdotal evidence of such benefits. more


Successful work with trans people requires a deft awareness of several issues. We must remain aware of our power when working with the trans population. We must also remain aware of the idiosyncratic nature of each client’s transition process. more

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Book review of Strengthening the DSM: Incorporating Resilience and Cultural Competence more

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We know that diagnosis is reductive and doesn’t really honor the complex idiosyncrasy of the human mind. We also know, on some level, that it can be used as a form of social control. But we also know that we can’t surrender it completely. more

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Social workers who have had contact with systems of care hold a degree of knowledge of how it feels to seek out services. An understanding of what can make the mental health system easier to navigate can be incredibly useful for service providers. more

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Book review of Citizenship and Mental Health. more

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What I have learned in 20 years is that suicide loss survivors are not alone. There is help. I am here. Other suicide loss survivors are willing to listen. more


When it comes to suicide, language matters. This article by experts Jonathan Singer and Sean Erreger explains preferred and problematic terminology, and includes an illustrative example. more

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