Military social work

I don’t regret seeing the social worker. I needed the help and wish others in the military would take advantage of these services instead of feeling they have to deal with their issues by themselves. more »

Social Work Month Project 2016 1 Comments

The journey from soldier to social worker, as told through Haiku, by Donald McCasland. more »

Social Work Month Project 2016 1 Comments

Tina Atherall talks about merging personal and professional interests to pave the path for change through social work. more »

Social Work Month 2015

A story of a social worker working with a veteran illustrates how important nuggets of information can be deeply buried, and the power of dreams and simply listening. more »


Technology in systems is only as good as the planning behind it. An example of needing a systems plan integrating technology is the current crisis in Veterans’ mental health and health care. more »


This year, as in other Memorial Days past, I went to nearby Fort Campbell, KY, and paid my respects to friends and buddies no longer with us. Inevitably, as the day goes on, I'll think of my own journey, and the pain I carried for YEARS--and the more »


Spoken word poetry that takes viewer on the emotional roller coaster that veterans with PTSD go through. 1 in 5 veterans suffer from PTSD and 23+ a day commit suicide. Something needs to change; therefore, the Post-Traumatic Growth movement commences more »

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