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RBG, the recent documentary about cultural icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is inspiring and instructive. Amongst many lessons, RBG’s life presents a self-care case. more

Self Care

September 2018 marks two years for the Self-Care, A-Z blog. The blog provides a space to share our struggles, strategies, and successes with self-care. Let's take time to reflect and strategize next steps. more

Self Care

Despite resources on self-care, social work practitioners, social work students, and clients sometimes fail to implement needed self-care strategies. Here are ways to overcome three barriers to self-care. more

Self-Care Summer

Jade Lloyd

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Take time out and watch the current of social work's tide. A poetry entry in the Self-Care Summer series. more

Self-Care Summer

Don't put off self-care. Do it NOW! Start today, use a strengths approach, be SMART-er, enlist support, and reflect. more

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There is one sign of burnout that often goes unnoticed and frequently is encouraged in subtle ways. This is what can be called the "need complex" -- the feeling that you and your social work intervention are so needed that you must work more. more

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Regardless of practice setting, job role, or cultural context, social work colleagues across the globe agree on the urgency of practitioner depletion/burnout as a professional concern. more

, Self Care

Much has been written about self-compassion: the ability to give ourselves the same kindness we would give someone else. One way to do this is through writing a self-compassionate letter. more

Self-Care Summer 1 Comments

You may feel that you don't have time for "formal" mindfulness practice. Here is a way to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday activities. more

Self-Care Summer

The heavy toll that can come from doing emotionally difficult work requires a conscious application of creativity and energy to move it forward. more


Book review of Healing Justice: Holistic Self-Care for Change Makers more

Reviews & Commentary

Social work is both challenging and rewarding. These strategies can help you shift from compassion fatigue to compassion satisfaction. more

Self-Care Summer

Leisure time is not a luxury. It is evidence-based best practice and a basic human right. more

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Don't delay joy. Find it in small packages. more

Self-Care Summer

Why should self-care only be pursued when working in a particularly stressful environment or after a negative event? Self-care is an individualized lifestyle, both unselfish and necessary. more

Self Care

A common metaphor depicts self-care as the emergency mask used in air travel. However, the “mask metaphor” is limited. more

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Attainable self-care must counter the prevalent myth that self-care costs money. An informal survey of colleagues about low/no-cost ideas for practicing self-care yielded fantastic responses. Here’s a composite list. more

Self Care

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Ashley Owen Santangelo’s guest blog post reminds us that, as helpers, we need to be aware of our own mental health and the self-care needed. more

Self Care

We like to think there are no limits to what we can do as social workers. The truth is that hitting up against your limits as a helper is something one has to come to terms with to remain in the social work profession. more

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A recent survey examining self-care practices of social workers identified “financial situation” as a strong predictor of one’s level of self-care*. Financial stressors can contribute to other problems, such as health and relational issues. more

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