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We like to think there are no limits to what we can do as social workers. The truth is that hitting up against your limits as a helper is something one has to come to terms with to remain in the social work profession. more


A recent survey examining self-care practices of social workers identified “financial situation” as a strong predictor of one’s level of self-care*. Financial stressors can contribute to other problems, such as health and relational issues. more

, Self Care

I invite you to accept a 30-day decluttering challenge for April. If “Spring Cleaning” isn’t your thing, just (re)start somewhere with your self-care. Maybe your shower door has a message? more

Self Care

Darla Spence Coffey, president and CEO of CSWE, encourages social workers to practice self-care and organizations to place more emphasis on providing a healthy working environment. more

Social Work Month Project 2018

Jennifer Hancock writes about how her agency, Volunteers of America Mid-States, not only made a commitment to employee wellness, but invested in an agency-wide wellness initiative to support that commitment. She committed to her own self-care, too. more

Social Work Month Project 2018

2018 Social Work Month Logo

2018 Social Work Month logo, courtesy of National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

The 2018 theme for Social Work Month (in March) is: Leaders. Advocates. Champions. How can social work lead, advocate, and champion self-care? more

Social Work Month Project 2018 1 Comments

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about what may very well be the Heart of self-care: Self-compassion. By two of the co-editors of The A-to-Z Self-Care Handbook for Social Workers and Other Helping Professionals. more

, Self Care

Elisa Kawam reflects on the soul of self-care and provides three steps toward self-care through simply being. more

Self Care

The New Social Worker, in collaboration with BSCorbett Consulting, LLC, presents a series of two webinars for Spring 2018 - on self-care and salary/benefits negotiation. Join us for these career-enhancing presentations by top experts. more

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Blueberry Pie

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

January 23rd is National Pie Day. Indulge in the pie of your choice. And, let’s resolve to treat ourselves to self-care through more PIE (Person-in-Environment)! more

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Danna Bodenheimer has some thoughts for social workers for New Year 2018. These are not exactly resolutions - more a sharing of myths that she refuses to continue to subscribe to, some goals, and a mantra. Happy New Year! more

Real World Clinical 20 Comments

As we begin 2018, join us in a simple, yet powerful, self-care resolution. The One Word ritual is counter to complicated lists of resolutions.What is YOUR word? more

Self Care 8 Comments

Co-editors of The A-to-Z Self-Care Handbook for Social Workers and Other Helping Professionals discuss the purpose of the book, self-care and ethics, self-care as a lifestyle,and self-care strategies for social workers. more

Self Care

Let’s use this month of Thanks-giving to commit to using gratitude as fuel, frame, and focus for self-care. more

Self Care 1 Comments

When mindfulness occurs, a connection happens to each moment, allows that moment to make a mark on your journey. For social workers to use mindfulness and be present with connection allows for self-care and self-awareness. more

Self-Care Summer

Resilience isn't about eliminating anxiety, fear, or uncertainty. Resilience allows us to face challenges with greater confidence and ability to bounce back. Self-concordant goals, physical well-being, and emotional well-being are included. more

Practice 2 Comments

Autumn is an apropos season for emphasizing the important self-care practice of letting go. Consider what you need to let go. What bogs down your spirit and blocks your well-being? more

Self Care

September, 2017 marks the Self-Care A-to-Z blog’s one-year anniversary. In celebration, let’s KISS, i.e., Keep it Simple Self-Care! Social work can be overwhelming. Bad news: Self-care is challenging! Good news: it CAN be simple! more

Self Care 2 Comments

I have discovered that occupying a space of unbridled curiosity not only shakes off my work-day woes, but teaches me to be a better social worker. more

Self-Care Summer

Meditation, self-compassion breaks, and gratitude are ways to extend the same generosity to yourself that you extend as a helper to others. more

Self-Care Summer


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