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There isn’t much for me to say about Orlando that hasn’t already been said. That said, it seems irresponsible and avoidant to write about anything else this week. more »

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I am 29 years old, and I am increasingly aware of how dangerous being a woman is today. As a social work student committed to social justice, I am concerned about where women’s rights stand in America. more »

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Calling from the roof top, I now sound the alarm for justice to be served. I call for social workers to take a unified stand by opening our mouths and embracing the social advocacy aspects of our profession. more »

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How can I work to change a system that is defective by design? How can people of color take control of, and protect, their bodies in a system that seeks to strip them of their agency? These are ambitious, and at times seemingly impossible, tasks. more »

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Book review of Advocacy Practice for Social Justice, 3rd Ed. more »

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Social workers are loud because we speak out for those who have been silenced by pain, shame, and stigma that society buries them under. Social workers speak loudly because we understand the beauty that is being human, that is being humane. more »

Social Work Month Project 2016

Whatever your working definition of empowerment, we generally concur it has a central element of having control (power) over decision-making about one’s life and destiny. We can better empower clients when we empower ourselves. more »

Social Work Month Project 2016

Social Workers To Gather for Second Annual Social Work Day on the Hill

Social workers from across the United States will gather in the nation’s capital on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 1-2, 2016, for the second annual Social Work Day on the Hill event celebrating the month of March as Social Work Month. more »

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CRISP Launches #YSocialWork

The Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy (CRISP) launched its new Student Advisory Council, also known as #YSocialWork, on September 28, 2015. more »

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Some in the media have portrayed Caitlyn Jenner’s transition as something to be shocked by or gawked at, taking seriousness away from issues of transgender rights. Let's talk about Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, and transgender rights in schools. more »


The Excitement of Advocacy - A Student's View of Legislative Advocacy Day in PA

Watch a PA-NASW advocacy day video. "I would encourage any social worker with interest in policy to get involved in advocacy, even in the form of writing a letter to your legislator. I think you may be excited to see how powerful advocacy can be!" more »

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If you had a heart attack, your health insurance would pay for emergent medical care, maintenance medication, and follow-up care. If you were in the midst of a manic episode or struggling with a heroin addiction, your insurance most likely would not more »


Social work is facing its watershed moment—the crucial turning point that will define our future. Six years ago, the Social Work Reinvestment Act (SWRA) was brought before Capitol Hill in an attempt to promote the need for social workers, and to more »

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Advocacy is at the foundation of social work practice. One of the differentiating premises between social work and other fields of human services is the underlying need to work toward equality and social justice for every population. Traditional more »


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