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How do you secure your field placement? Especially for social work students in online programs and others whose schools require them to find their own placements, these 10 tips will provide guidance. more

Field Placement

Mariya Taher focused all of her MSW research on female genital cutting. Within a few years, she was a sought-after expert on the subject. more

Practice 1 Comments

Coffee by Marc Laferriere

Photo by Marc Laferriere

During coffee walkabouts, I hear concerns and worries, I get to know about people's lives, I get asked for advice, and I get to share a few laughs. It is amazing how people will open up when they don't sense you have to immediately be somewhere. more

Social Work Month Project

What’s the secret to getting scholarships and other funding? In a sea of ever-qualified applicants vying for scarce dollars and resources, what can social work students do to be competitive? more

Education & Credentials

I understand that you are interested in joining our club called “Social Work.” If you could spare a moment, I’d like to share some thoughts with you. more

Education & Credentials

Don’t get me wrong, I love social work. I even loved social work school. I am offering these reflections and suggestions with the hope that they will be validating and helpful in making your education feel even more worthwhile. more

Real World Clinical 3 Comments

Two types of support systems are beneficial for social work students: informal and formal. Your support system will help keep you from being discouraged and giving up on yourself when life becomes overwhelming. more

Education & Credentials

Age does not have to discourage us from being successful in fulfilling our dreams and achieving our goals. more

Education & Credentials

Many people would like to go back to school when they are older, but hesitate because of their age. I would suggest that they pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. more

Social Work Month Project 2016 39 Comments

Ferguson Protest

photo credit: Gino Santa Maria

It wasn't until August 9, 2014, when 18-year-old Michael Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, MO, that the words “Black Lives Matter” resonated on social media sites and in the news. Why did Black lives matter then, when they always have? more

Social Work Month 2015

Applying to graduate school is a bit daunting for many. Don't delay. Just get started! more

Education & Credentials

What does it take to become a social work professor? more


Book review of Career Reflections of Social Work Educators, by Spencer Zeiger, reviewed by Peter Kindle. more

Reviews & Commentary

Social Work and Distance Education Call for Papers & Proposals

CSWE and the Indiana University School of Social Work are convening a conference on Social Work and Distance Education April 15-17, 2015, in Indianapolis at the Crowne Plaza Downtown. The organizers invite you to submit proposals or papers. more

Social Work News

I am a francophone student. I was born and raised in Montreal, and my parents are both from Haiti. I have never ever studied in an institution where the entire teaching was done in English. more

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