Turn Up the Tech in Social Work

Live broadcasting can be a great tool to connect with our clients/community, share resources, and normalize mental health. As social workers venturing into this online world, we must uphold our ethical and professional boundaries. more


#MacroSW is a hashtag used for weekly Twitter chats on macro social work topics. more

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Are emotions contagious? Emotional contagion in social media occurs when an emotional state or mood, such as happiness or sadness, can be spread unknowingly between people through reading posts, tweets, blogs, and so forth. more


Technology can add function and dysfunction to the family system. The role of the social work practitioner is to identify technology’s role and use it as an advantage in the therapeutic process. more


Most parents did not grow up in the digital age, but their children create whole worlds and friendship circles through the Internet. The value of these technologies in children’s lives is hotly debated. more


Technology in systems is only as good as the planning behind it. An example of needing a systems plan integrating technology is the current crisis in Veterans’ mental health and health care. more


Twenty years ago, I relied on my supervisor, co-workers, trainings, community meetings, and organizational newsletters to develop my networking with colleagues. Advances in technology offer global access to resources, enabling a richness and depth to more


The online environment is rampant with prejudicial statements against many different populations not in the majority. Microaggressions are about power imbalance and privilege afforded the dominant culture. more


Advocacy is at the foundation of social work practice. One of the differentiating premises between social work and other fields of human services is the underlying need to work toward equality and social justice for every population. Traditional more


Assessments are a part of social work intervention. Why do we need technology assessments? Never in our history has information and social connection been so available to teenagers. more

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There is a difference between professional viewpoints and personal opinions. Because of the personal nature of social work, there is an ethical responsibility to manage personal information on the Internet. more



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