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This art piece was inspired by the information from a 2016 summer graduate school class at California State University East Bay. The class was Assessment and Treatment of Substance Abuse, and it presented the harm reduction approach. more »

Creative Work Site Serves as Hub on Practice Mobility and License Portability for Social Workers

ASWB has launched a new website to disseminate information about practice mobility and license portability for social workers, and to collect social workers' stories about this issue. more »

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In Being Mortal, which aired February 10, 2015, on Frontline (PBS), producer Tom Jennings and Dr. Atul Gwande showcase the exploration of the relationships between the terminally ill and their healthcare providers. more »

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The Weekly 5 in Social Work, 9/16/16

Five news items of interest to social workers for the week of 9/16/16. more »

Social Work News

The Weekly 5 in Social Work, 9/10/16

Items in the news of interest to social workers for 9/10/16. more »

Social Work News

This Week's News Items for Social Workers 9/3/16

News items of interest to social workers, week ending 9/3/16. more »

Social Work News

Joe-time should have almost no rules except to focus on the couple and their interactions, inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. more »


Book review of Daniel Pink's To Sell Is Human. more »

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Social Work in Context

Brad Forenza

Social workers talk about social work, social problems, and self-care in a video by Brad Forenza. more »


I teach practice evaluation to master's level social work students. The basic premise of the course is to allow students to explore the parameters of their impact on client change through feedback and reflective thought. Change is the operative word. more »


Self-care - loving on yourself like no one else is the best GIFT you can give yourself. more »

Self-Care Summer 1 Comments

What does Pokémon Go have to do with social work? Although no formal studies exist to testify to the mental health benefits of playing Pokémon Go, a number of news articles have presented anecdotal evidence of such benefits. more »


Book review of Two Peas in a Separated Pod: A True Story of Adoption. more »

Reviews & Commentary

Many people are truly called to work with patients who are dying. As someone who didn’t feel called to this work and didn’t have a lot of experience being in the dying space with someone, this was terrifying work for me. more »

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Boundaries, like laws and rules, help keep our lives from being chaotic and even at risk. Because social work is a helping profession, social workers often find it difficult to balance personal and professional boundaries. more »

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In August 2014, social worker Rosita Mazzi visited the United States and the office of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER. During that time, Mazzi presented her research to the Pennsylvania Chapter of NASW and to Temple University Harrisburg social work students. more »


The social work profession shares a close relationship with human rights, because it adheres to values such as respect, dignity, and self-determination - values that are strongly embedded in the code of ethics for all practitioners. more »


I am 29 years old, and I am increasingly aware of how dangerous being a woman is today. As a social work student committed to social justice, I am concerned about where women’s rights stand in America. more »

Practice 3 Comments

Calling from the roof top, I now sound the alarm for justice to be served. I call for social workers to take a unified stand by opening our mouths and embracing the social advocacy aspects of our profession. more »

Creative Work

How can I work to change a system that is defective by design? How can people of color take control of, and protect, their bodies in a system that seeks to strip them of their agency? These are ambitious, and at times seemingly impossible, tasks. more »

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