Social Work Resolutions - 2015


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Advancing Social Work Profession in Somaliland

My new year's resolution is to advance social work profession in a country that don't exist in the international maps, Somaliland. I co-founded the first School of Social Work after I graduated in social work and sociology in India and now the School is training the first cohort of professional social worker in Somaliland (Northern Somalia).

Ahmed Nuri Muse more than 7 years ago

Ambitious feat!

I hope and wish you the best in your endeavours I would love to see somaliland advance in social work.

Manal more than 6 years ago

new school

I love your commitment. Please update on your progress and if possible send link. Is there anything and old hand could do to assist?

sabrina more than 6 years ago

New Year resolution

To take LCSW exam and focus on me for a bit.

Jerri White more than 7 years ago

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