#MacroSW: Professional Licensure and Macro Social Work Practice

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In New Jersey, we don't have a macro-SW license. I initially became licensed to ensure I could access job opportunities in traditional SW roles, as some of your chat participants observed. I've since obtained a position where a license, and even a Master's degree, are unnecessary. Through this, I've observed the amazing macro change work that people who DON'T have postsecondary education are able to create.

That being said, I will probably maintain my license because there are a few continuing education courses I've seen that do reflect areas important to my work- workshops on nonprofit management and governance, board relations, fundraising, community organizing. Bu maintaining a license, especially in the SW field, is a weighty consideration in an industry where salaries often aren't on parity with other credentialed occupations, and I'm fairly lucky to have a job that pays pretty well--better than many entry level jobs requiring an MSW pay, in fact--and my family has resources. But can anyone guarantee macro social work salaries will increase with new expectations of licensure? I don't see it happening; I see us already struggling to bring LSW salaries to a sustainable level.

Personally, I intend to keep my license, not because I see it as necessary to my career goals, but because when I one day am looking for an executive level role, I know it will lend me credibility. Again, because gatekeeping.

Kevin more than 3 years ago

Socialworker aids

I have tried to work with people who have daily living aids who do not even understand the mental illness that the client has. It has created unhealthy codependent relationships that made it impossible for me to help them. I could not believe that they had no formal education or training. This is a bit of the subject but it is another area that may need some regulations.

RACHEL JEANNE more than 3 years ago

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