A Love Letter to Social Work

Susan Mankita, LCSW, writes a love letter to social work, a career rich in meaning, and filled with challenges and possibilities.



When mindfulness occurs, a connection happens to each moment, allows that moment to make a mark on your journey. For social workers to use mindfulness and be present with connection allows for self-care and self-awareness. more

Self-Care Summer

I have discovered that occupying a space of unbridled curiosity not only shakes off my work-day woes, but teaches me to be a better social worker. more

Self-Care Summer

Crossing the Line - a poem by social worker Rich H. Kenney, Jr., on recess, stigma, and finding common ground. more

Creative Work

Meditation, self-compassion breaks, and gratitude are ways to extend the same generosity to yourself that you extend as a helper to others. more

Self-Care Summer

As part of "Self-Care Summer," The New Social Worker Book Club's Summer 2017 book club selection is The A-to-Z Self-Care Handbook for Social Workers and Other Helping Professionals. more

Book Club

Social Work - a poem on love, hope, change, and the power to do good in the world. more

Creative Work

As a member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, the cultural teachings I learned in my youth have sustained me through challenging times. In all tribal nations, cultures’ spirituality and healing align and influence the creation of art. more

Self-Care Summer

We should be furious all the time as social workers. more

Creative Work 1 Comments

Our bodies and minds know what they need through the help of being asked high mileage questions. more

Self-Care Summer

What do we do when we are blue about the events of the day? Dr. Jules Gilliam performs her original song (with music by Robert Hitz) that says when a tragedy happens in the world, you can just send love to it. more

Creative Work

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The New Social Worker seeks creative works from social workers and social work students. Contact the editor to submit your artwork, poetry, music, and other creative works. Thank you!

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