A Love Letter to Social Work

Susan Mankita, LCSW, writes a love letter to social work, a career rich in meaning, and filled with challenges and possibilities.



With the right tools in your toolbox, you can achieve success and self-care in your social work career. more

Self-Care Summer

Absent - poetry by Rich H. Kenney, Jr., MSSW more

Creative Work

I’ve always been proud to be a social worker - it’s a profession that embodies the very core of who I am and who I want to be. And with all of the difficult things going on worldwide, I find myself becoming more and more proud of my profession. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

What I have loved most about the positions I have held in clinics and agencies is being able to be present. The ability to be present is to be completely in the moment and to listen, really listen with your whole being; from your head to your toes. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

Coffee by Marc Laferriere

Photo by Marc Laferriere

During coffee walkabouts, I hear concerns and worries, I get to know about people's lives, I get asked for advice, and I get to share a few laughs. It is amazing how people will open up when they don't sense you have to immediately be somewhere. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

More resources need to be allocated to promote policy practice and integrate macro and micro levels in social work programs. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

Why be a social worker? A poem by Monique Smith, MSW student at the University of Texas at Arlington. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

Active listening and being fully present with others cannot be underestimated.  Every person has a story and every person wants to be heard. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

While she was certainly a challenge, and not at all what I envisioned, Ms. B taught me that I should strive to enter any new client situation with perseverance, patience, compassion, empathy, and maybe a few emergency butter packets. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

“Unifying Latin American Families” presents a group of arms tattooed with different kinds of Latin American traditions’ images, surrounded by signs indicating uncertainty. This art piece was inspired by uncertainty in the U.S. political climate. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

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