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You Better (Social) Work: On Being a Gay Social Worker*

What does it mean to be a gay social worker? Such a question is simplistic. We must look beyond such sole categorical identity boxes that limit our systemic understanding of the interplay of culture, privilege, and oppression

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An interstate compact license for social workers would facilitate practice mobility, allowing social workers to practice across state lines. A social work interstate licensing compact is under development, and you can submit your feedback now. Read more

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As a social worker, you have a powerful toolkit of skills to confront practices leading to race-based trauma. Take an inventory of your self-awareness, workplace, and geographic location to determine what steps you can take to promote social justice. Read more



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The new 988 number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline went into effect July 16, 2022. How does it work, and what gaps in services need to be filled? Jonathan Singer summarizes what social workers need to know. Read more


Sometimes, a client's story stays with a social worker for a lifetime. This story of the loss of a child is one such case. Read more


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The Parental Rights in Education law (dubbed “Don’t Say Gay”) goes into effect in Florida July 1, 2022. Will school social workers be able to do what they are there to do? They will find a way. Read more


Although limiting certain military benefits as a result of misconduct is understandable, we should not deny mental health care for service members who have experienced combat trauma. Read more


Leadership Gears

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Leadership is not for the faint of heart. Your commitment to the mission of your organization has led you to serve in this capacity. Never forget how worthy you are and the why behind what you do. Lead with authenticity, courage, and tenacity. Read more

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Tekia changed after her father died. Years later, she fought to make a better life for herself. As a social worker, she has a passion for helping people transition from hard to safe times. Read more

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During this Pride Month, we want to tell you that you deserve to feel joy, to breathe, and to be unequivocally and undeniably who you are. Read more


Connecticut State Capitol

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Clinical social workers and those in management positions hold unique and valuable perspectives and knowledge that can be harnessed to inform and influence elected officials. Advocacy work can seem daunting, but it does not have to be. Read more


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