Disenfranchised Grief: When Grief and Grievers Are Unrecognized

Grief is disenfranchised when the relationship, the loss, or the griever is not recognized.

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TILT Students

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Social workers often practice in community settings, but how often do they actually transform the settings? The University of Georgia School of Social Work and the Athens Clarke County Library are working together to create a trauma-informed library. Read more


Is the constant news stream and current political climate making people more anxious? It is up to all of us to turn collective anxiety into something more productive and meaningful. What about collective rebellion? Read more

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Karen Fernbaugh Roy sustained a spinal cord injury during an armed robbery while in college. She later became a social worker and now holds the title of Ms. Wheelchair America. Read more

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The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics offers a tool for assessing neurodevelopmental functioning of clients with trauma histories to select treatments to best meet their needs. Read more

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#MacroSW Twitter chat participants discussed social work and self-care in the current political environment. Read more

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During the holidays, it's almost impossible to avoid discussions of food. What about the nearly 18 million people in America who are dreading these conversations because they lack adequate economic, social, and physical access to food. Read more


Michelle Obama We Go High

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Michelle Obama famously asserted, “When they go low, we go high.”Taking the high road is not only a reflection of good manners and dignity. It is also the most effective strategy when it comes to improving a marriage or salvaging a relationship. Read more


Social workers often focus on successful outcomes. But has this emphasis diminished the role of process in social work practice? Can we resist the urge to "fix" and instead "sit with"? Read more


What? Another group project? Social workers and social work students often work in groups. Learn to embrace the process. Read more


Your professors said you would be working at three levels of social work - micro, mezzo, and macro. But your job seems to be all micro. Are you doing something wrong? Read more


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