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We Don’t Talk About Whiteness Enough, Yet We Talk About Whiteness All the Time: An Anti-Racist Consideration

Ignoring the role of race upholds the dominant framework of whiteness and invalidates the racial identities and lived experiences of people of color. We can’t truly talk about racism unless we talk about whiteness.

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The model minority myth has drawn lines between Asian Americans and other communities of color, making Asian Americans the “others” who do not need support. Social workers need to be aware of the growing and varying needs among Asian Americans.. Read more


Eco anxiety

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Signs of climate change are hard to ignore. Nature therapy, narrative therapy, and other techniques can give hope to clients who are experiencing climate grief or eco-anxiety. Read more


Library Social Work Collaboration

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As library social work grows, it is vital to dispel the myth that social workers or librarians must be embedded in the same organization to accomplish desired outcomes. Although a viable choice, much can be done through project-based collaboration. Read more


Protect Trans Youth

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Multiple U.S. states have introduced policies that are harmful to our trans and gender nonconforming communities. These communities are advocating for social justice. What will you, as a social worker, do today to advocate alongside them? Read more


On March 18, 2022, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) published the text revision of DSM-5, known as DSM-5-TR. This special report highlights some of the key changes in DSM-5-TR that social workers need to know. (Corrected 3/24/22) Read more



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Integrated approaches to supervision are the bedrock of the clinical supervision framework. Supervisees should familiarize themselves with various approaches and the quality of the supervisee-supervisor relationship. Read more


Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders may affect gender minority individuals at up to double the rates of their cisgender counterparts. Social workers must recognize this heightened risk and increase screening and prevention efforts in gender-diverse community spaces. Read more


Multicultural hands

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Cultural humility is a process, always moving, always changing. It is more a skill we can always be developing, rather than one we ever attain. In many cases, clinicians who work from a false place of competence do harm. Read more

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Do you have a morning routine? Your morning routine doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s more important to just begin. Here are 7 ideas to get your day started. Give your best self to your clients and manage your stress before your stress manages you. Read more

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Social workers can play critical roles in promoting health literacy. The profession’s emphasis on empowerment and social justice, along with our systems approach, makes social workers ideally suited for this role. Read more

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