Exercising Resilience Muscle

Exercising and Building Your Resilience Muscle as a New Social Worker

We have long recognized the stress associated with social work practice. There is much we can do to help ourselves cope. Exercise and build your resilience muscle.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is observed on November 20 to honor the memory of those who have lost their lives to anti-transgender bigotry and violence. Social workers are encouraged to participate and learn more. Read more

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Dr. Brad Forenza interviews NJ State Senator Nellie Pou on ways in which educational funding in NJ has historically attempted to level the playing field for school-age children, and how the“process” of universalizing might relate to other systems. Read more


Early on in social work graduate school, we choose a track that we presumably stick with, and our courses prepare us for that career. But the reality is, macro and micro tracks blend into each other, and never is that more clear than in 2020. Read more


September 22, 2020, was National Voter Registration Day. Inspired by voter activism around the country, dozens of social work student volunteers set out to register classmates, clients, and community members to vote. Read more

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To the extent that creative arts interventions can facilitate positive change, community growth, and self-improvement, it is wise for our profession to think creatively and reconsider the role that the arts can play in our everyday practices. Read more

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Brad Forenza interviews former commissioner Bill Waldman about policy analysis and changes in implementation of child welfare services in New Jersey. Audio included. Read more


Now is a critical time for us to advocate and identify the needs of our most vulnerable students. One such group is Deaf or hard of hearing students. These four tips can help support them during the COVID-19 crisis. Article in English and Spanish. Read more


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg believed in democracy. Her ideals for justice do not end just because she is no longer leading the charge. Instead, we step up and lead a new charge that honors her work. Read more


A new study found that managerialism (a business-oriented model) in human service agencies profoundly affects service delivery and the well-being of workers. Read more

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Introducing a new column for The New Social Worker linking social welfare policy and practice. Columnist Brad Forenza interviews Bill Waldman, former commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services. Read more


Voting Is Social Work

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