Bernice Harper

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Social Work Leadership Is Lifelong: Bernice Harper’s Inspiring Career

Social work has a long tradition of outstanding women leaders. Dr. Bernice Harper is a leader who continues to inspire well past retirement. Learn from her 70-year social work career.

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A Taiwanese social work student went to Xiamen, China, to participate in an international student exchange with an early childhood intervention program. Disabled people in China are largely invisible in public spaces and need more services, she says Read more


I was one of two social workers in attendance at a meeting on data science. When we introduced ourselves, you could almost feel the confusion in the air. The looks on the faces of the attendees seemed to question why we were there. Read more

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Health at Every Size

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The Health at Every Size® (HAES®) social justice grounded framework aligns well with social work values and ethics. Here’s how social workers can start putting it into practice. Read more


Elections are important for social workers, clients, and communities. Participate in the Voting Is Social Work campaign by putting voter rights and registration on your social work event agenda. Read more


October 6-12 is Mental Illness Awareness Week, and October 10 is World Mental Health Day. The focus of WMHD for 2019 is suicide prevention. These resources are a starting point for social workers who want to increase your knowledge in this area. Read more


As advocates and social justice agents, we can form "a union for holistic professionals." Collective action arises from our need to contribute to well-being, and that is a beautiful imprint of our kindness. Read more


Is a macro social work license necessary? #MacroSW hosted a Twitter chat on the topic of macro-level social work licensure. The following questions were posed to the participants. Read more

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Two aspects of social communication have been found to be unique risk factors of suicidality for autistic people: camouflaging and unmet needs. Warning signs may include withdrawing, high anxiety, feeling isolated, and hopelessness Read more


Addressing racial trauma directly with clients, validating the trauma response, and continual self-reflection on our own biases best serves our clients and our profession as a whole. Read more

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The NASW Code of Ethics encourages social workers to combat isms, discrimination, oppression, and violence. Social workers need to see practicing civility as only a minimum in a range of social justice and human rights activities. Read more

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Voting Is Social Work

Great gift book for social work graduates!

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