Bernice Harper

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Social Work Leadership Is Lifelong: Bernice Harper’s Inspiring Career

Social work has a long tradition of outstanding women leaders. Dr. Bernice Harper is a leader who continues to inspire well past retirement. Learn from her 70-year social work career.

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Is a macro social work license necessary? #MacroSW hosted a Twitter chat on the topic of macro-level social work licensure. The following questions were posed to the participants. Read more


Two aspects of social communication have been found to be unique risk factors of suicidality for autistic people: camouflaging and unmet needs. Warning signs may include withdrawing, high anxiety, feeling isolated, and hopelessness Read more


Addressing racial trauma directly with clients, validating the trauma response, and continual self-reflection on our own biases best serves our clients and our profession as a whole. Read more

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The NASW Code of Ethics encourages social workers to combat isms, discrimination, oppression, and violence. Social workers need to see practicing civility as only a minimum in a range of social justice and human rights activities. Read more

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Let me tell you what I know at this exact moment, as a social worker who loves this work and loves this world and is really worried about everything. I know this might hurt a little, but I think it might help, too. I hope it will. Read more


Although artificial intelligence is not yet a perfect answer, it offers us a tool to solve systemic problems within child welfare. CCWIS and big data offer us a tool to create a modern, impactful, and trusted child welfare system. Read more


Submitting a first academic paper for publication can be scary. What if your "blind" reviewer asked to talk to you and review your paper line by line? Mentoring is difficult AND has rewards for both the mentor and the mentee. Read more

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The college admissions scandal brings attention to a pervasive issue - that of parents' inability to understand the importance of letting go. This article looks at six detrimental parenting patterns and addressing them in social work practice. Read more


There are a number of reasons for social workers to consider incorporating as a benefit corporation. Benefit corporations must be committed to creating a public benefit in addition to generating a profit. Read more

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Over the course of a lifetime, most people will experience at least one potentially traumatizing event. Social workers can take a multi-dimensional, ongoing approach to assessing for PTSD in terminally ill patients. Read more


Voting Is Social Work

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