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Social Work in a Camouflaged Life

Military spouses in social work face challenges such as needing to learn new local resources every few years, licensure mobility, and frequent termination with clients.

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The financial turmoil, physical danger, and emotional strain of the COVID-19 crisis create adversity for all and tragedy for many. But for some, this crisis may become a painful but meaningful catalyst to re-prioritize and form deeper connections. Read more


A list of resources from social work professional organizations to help navigate social work practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

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Although every American is experiencing COVID-19 together, gender minorities are facing this new situation while still being forced to consider the realities of being a gender minority in America. Read more


We are in the midst of a pandemic. As social workers, it's difficult to be so limited in what we can do. Do not let your “need complex,” or the feeling that you're indispensable, steer you in the direction of wrongly thinking you should be the hero. Read more

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Stockton University social work student Laura Quiñones writes about social workers' responsibilities during a time of pandemic. She calls on social workers to call their legislators to advocate for those who may be in crisis. Read more

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The question, “What are you?” is frequently directed at multiracial people and implies they are "not normal." The new comedy Mixed-ish addresses issues of a biracial family. A model of multiracial cultural attunement for social workers is presented. Read more


Spanish translation of Suicide Risk in Schools: What Social Workers Need To Know, by Jonathan Singer, translated by Vali Maduro de Gateño. Traducción al español del riesgo de suicidio en las escuelas: lo que los trabajadores sociales deben saber. Read more


Adaptability is a muscle that requires exercise like any other muscle we want to flex. In the field of social work, the art of adaptability is what can set us apart from the pack, allowing us to become leaders who set an example. Read more


The social work literature typically frames self-disclosure as a complex and controversial use-of-self practice. Inquiring minds still want to know: "Should I do it or not?" That question is too simple. Read more


Teepees at Fort Peck Reservation

Photo by J. Lawrence Dixon.

Travel social workers work at short-term assignments in a variety of locations. Travel allows much time for self-reflection and growth. Read more


Voting Is Social Work

Great gift book for social work graduates!

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