Moral Injury

Moral Injury in a Broken System

Moral injury, a term first coined in research on Vietnam veterans and PTSD, describes inner conflict experienced when betraying an inherent moral code in “high stakes” situations. It has also been found to have high prevalence in healthcare settings.

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Mental health crisis system

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Our nation has criminalized mental illness. To ensure people are served by the mental health system, not public safety or emergency departments, requires social workers to champion the importance of building the full continuum of crisis services. Read more


Racial Healing

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The National Day of Racial Healing is January 17, 2023. Let us build on our strengths as professional social workers to help usher in social change for social justice this year. Read more


COVID-19 caused a steep decline in all adoptions. However, prior to the pandemic, important demographic changes were already occurring across public and private adoptions. These changes have important implications for social workers. Read more


Support yourself

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On this World Kindness Day, acknowledge that disenfranchised grief exists in the social work profession. Self-kindness can effectively combat professional challenges and prevent burnout for social workers. Read more


With the democratization of social media, we are seeing both efforts to create social justice space online and pushback against social justice allies. This essay summarizes some weaponizing tactics and offers solutions for countering them. Read more


Maternal health

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The maternal mortality rate is showing increase in the U.S. with evidence of racial disparities. Pertaining to maternal health equity, what will you do to promote social justice? Read more


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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OCD is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. People with OCD cannot tolerate doubt. A thought just like any other thought comes into our head. The difference between a person with OCD and one without is in the reaction to the thought content. Read more


Your Name Here

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Names capture the essence of who we are. They matter not only for the transgender and nonbinary communities but also for people in a variety of situations for whom a legal name or birth name may not be their true chosen name. Read more


Knee Pain Blurred

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Where does chronic pain fit in the framework of treatment planning and prognosis? Our medical system is comprised of cures and timelines for healing. When the pain is hard to fix, acceptance and hope help to blur it a bit. Read more


A future based on Jane Addams’ ideal of humanitarianism is achievable. It’s up to us to go out and make it. Read more

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