The social work literature typically frames self-disclosure as a complex and controversial use-of-self practice. Inquiring minds still want to know: "Should I do it or not?" That question is too simple. Read more


Teepees at Fort Peck Reservation

Photo by J. Lawrence Dixon.

Travel social workers work at short-term assignments in a variety of locations. Travel allows much time for self-reflection and growth. Read more


Military spouses in social work face challenges such as needing to learn new local resources every few years, licensure mobility, and frequent termination with clients. Read more


A poverty simulation was held at Winthrop University. The poverty simulation is not a game. It is an enriching experience that imparts a number of lessons, and no two students will come away with the same experience. Read more


Reading literary fiction can help us better understand societal issues and be better social workers. Read more

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Together, social workers can build awareness and create new norms wherein we continually consider the environmental justice and climate impacts of our personal and professional choices. Read more


Holidays are stressful for those of us with family and those without family. You can’t choose your family, but you have the power to control what effect family has on your life and to set boundaries. And you can make your own family of friends. Read more


A Taiwanese social work student went to Xiamen, China, to participate in an international student exchange with an early childhood intervention program. Disabled people in China are largely invisible in public spaces and need more services, she says Read more


I was one of two social workers in attendance at a meeting on data science. When we introduced ourselves, you could almost feel the confusion in the air. The looks on the faces of the attendees seemed to question why we were there. Read more

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Health at Every Size

Photo Credit: Samantha Hurley via Burst

The Health at Every Size® (HAES®) social justice grounded framework aligns well with social work values and ethics. Here’s how social workers can start putting it into practice. Read more

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Voting Is Social Work

Great gift book for social work graduates!

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