Social worker and client

Clients as the Evidence in Social Work

As social workers, we are programmed to learn from evidence-based perspectives. Are we remembering that our clients are the source of this evidence?

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Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Social workers, we have an opportunity to actualize our commitment to social justice by committing to building a race equity culture within our organizations and advocating for policy change. Read more

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Allowing people who are homeless to shelter in place in a hotel setting lets them attend to recommended activities to best avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19. So how do we shift the needle of compassion for our homeless neighbors? Read more


The New Social Worker and the social work profession mourn the passing of Elizabeth (Betsy) J. Clark, PhD, MSW, MPH, on May 23, 2020. A frequent writer for The New Social Worker, she made many important contributions to the social work profession. Read more


We are learning, as social work students, from some of the most experienced professionals, in the classroom and in field placements. And yet, we still somehow feel inadequate and unsure of how well we will do our jobs post-graduation. We ARE capable. Read more


How do I practice social work in a pandemic? We are incredible in our depth, persistence, and response to people in need. And despite whatever we may have missed in social work school, we are learning each day, each hour, and with each other. Read more


Many social workers quickly transitioned to telehealth to meet the needs of clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is worth stopping to catch a breath and consider how things are going. Read more


My daily conversations with residents have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. As I write this, I must wear the proper protective equipment. As we learn to adapt to a new normal, I do my best to provide the same quality of life as before. Read more

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While in rush hour traffic, social work student Michelle Ottaviano reflects on her internship. Her mentor told her, "Everyone deserves to feel loved." These words resonate with her as she prepares for a career in social work. Read more


Being essential is not about getting to the front of a line or receiving any other special privileges. It's about being given the opportunity to have a seat at the table and be included in discussions about what is best for patients and families. Read more

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My role as a social worker was already challenging, but the difficulty has reached new heights with COVID-19. Limited resources are more scarce. Comforting families is not the same, either. Social workers are working tirelessly to care for patients. Read more

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Voting Is Social Work

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