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Social Work Tech Talk: Once Upon a Time, in a Lockdown…(and Beyond)

What helped our tech columnist get through pandemic lockdown? Technology, of course, including reading and listening apps, cooking tech, Alexa, and others. And now that lockdown is over, the same tech continues to add value to everyday life.

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Technology Landscape

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TikTok. Hashtags. Biometrics. Digital literacy, digital responsibility, digital ethics. Feeling lost in the ever-changing tech landscape and how it relates to your social work practice? Join us on a quick ride through the landscape of #SWTech. Read more



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COVID lockdown forced many social workers to integrate telehealth into their practice, but not much has been written about the mechanics. Here are tips to help you with familiar and unfamiliar platforms, plus the nuts and bolts of needed hardware. Read more


Technology has changed many things for the better. However, as with most things, the presence of technology presents a side that is less than benign. Used in the wrong ways, it can—and does—cause harm to our communities. Read more

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We live in interesting times. The time is right for social workers in research, technology, and leadership roles. And the time is always right for social work. Read more

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Recent events have given us lots of opportunities to practice meditation. For people new to meditation and practicing under these conditions, it might seem daunting. There are a lot of quality meditation apps to help you find your way. Read more

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Stephen Cummings writes on technology, revisions to the NASW Code of Ethics, and the future. Read more


Social media is our virtual state, and our respective network is our ZIP Code. We have the access to initiate positive change and create a better collective experience within our digital neighborhood. Read more


Free and inexpensive apps provide ways for new social work grads to stay connected and on track. Read more


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