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Social Workers, Need Complex, and Professional Burnout

There is one sign of burnout that often goes unnoticed and frequently is encouraged in subtle ways. This is what can be called the "need complex" -- the feeling that you and your social work intervention are so needed that you must work more.

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The School to Prison Pipeline

by Wendy G. Turner

Art is a powerful means of expression. These three art pieces by social work educator Wendy Turner address issues of racism, homophobia, and sexism. Read more

Creative Work

The New Social Worker magazine is seeking submissions for the Social Work Month Project 2020. Submit essays and photos in selected categories by January 29, 2020. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2019

The University of Iowa National Poetry Contest for Social Workers is accepting poem submissions between October 1, 2019, and January 31, 2020. The top 3 poems will receive cash prizes and will be published in The New Social Worker magazine. Read more

Creative Work

Take time to explore what you need to take care of yourself, whether exercise, walking on the beach, getting more sleep, or something else. It is essential, as a social worker, that you give attention to your own self-care. Read more

Self-Care Summer

Journaling helps to protect from burnout by providing a release of stressful and potentially toxic perceptions and emotions. As a catalyst to gaining greater self-awareness and acceptance, it empowers you to maintain personal and professional limits. Read more

Self-Care Summer

In March of this year, a mentor and LCSW took her own life. I want us to be aware that we are no different from our clients in our pain or methods of removing the pain. Reach out to someone you trust, and take care of yourself. Read more

Self-Care Summer

If I write my self-care commitment, I will have to do it. I will be a better person for it and a stronger social worker. I will walk my talk. I can do this. Read more

Self-Care Summer

Find something that makes you feel alive, and support others in their self-care, too. If you don't think you're worth your own care, there may be other issues at play. Read more

Self-Care Summer

The importance of self-care is implied in the NASW Code of Ethics. If we see self-care as a chore and do it just to “check it off the list,” we are not reaping the full benefits of self-care.  Make a choice to invest in yourself. Read more

Self-Care Summer

However you identify or classify your transition, here are some self-care techniques to get you through the process. Read more

Self-Care Summer

Send Us Your Creative Work!

Dog With Pencil

The New Social Worker seeks creative works from social workers and social work students. Contact the editor to submit your artwork, poetry, music, and other creative works. Thank you!

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