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What Makes Someone a Social Worker?

Do you have to go to school to be a social worker? Yes, but a social work degree is only the beginning.

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Film review: Adolescent and teen clients convinced me that I was wrong in my pre-judgment of Joker. The film exposes truths about the emotionally victimized and our country’s cruel and inadequate mental health awareness, services, and systems. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Of course, there is no universal feeling that defines being a social worker. However, I do believe there are some unifying, unsaid themes. Read more

Clinical Intersections

Viewing self-care as only “feel good” (unintentionally) equates self-care with a special treat, extra luxury, or rare indulgence. In fact, self-care is sometimes uncomfortable and often difficult. Read more

Self Care

A Taiwanese social work student went to Xiamen, China, to participate in an international student exchange with an early childhood intervention program. Disabled people in China are largely invisible in public spaces and need more services, she says Read more


I was one of two social workers in attendance at a meeting on data science. When we introduced ourselves, you could almost feel the confusion in the air. The looks on the faces of the attendees seemed to question why we were there. Read more

Practice 7 Comments

In social work training, we discuss working with structural forces and power differences by naming them and the ways they are showing up in the room. But how does this intervention fit within the general theory of what is curative for our clients? Read more

Clinical Intersections

Health at Every Size

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The Health at Every Size® (HAES®) social justice grounded framework aligns well with social work values and ethics. Here’s how social workers can start putting it into practice. Read more


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