What’s in Your Backpack? Mindful Self-Care and Emotional Rigor During the COVID-19 Crisis

Preparation for social work practice must include emotional rigor. Be intentional about how you relate and respond to experiences - how you carry your backpack.

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As I look on to the back of my vehicle, I catch my child gazing at the sky. Are you OK, baby? She answered, “No, I am not OK, Mommy, but I will be once I hit my Refresh Button.” A COVID-19 story. Read more


My self-care in the dark is time just for me. It’s when I struggle the most and make the most meaningful gains. It’s when I heal. It’s the real work for my foundation, roots, and core of my being. Read more

Self Care

Medical use of marijuana (MuM) is legal in many states. Yet, it is prohibited by federal law. What is the social worker’s role with clients for whom MuM may be beneficial? Read more


Have you thought about taking on a social work student in your agency? A great agency field experience takes planning, careful interviewing, connections with nearby schools of social work, and careful integration of social work competencies. Read more

Field Placement

Start your social work job search now, make adjustments for unique situations, and be flexible. Read more


Much has been written on the effects of sexual abuse on the primary victim. Less has been written on the effects on the family members of survivors, such as siblings. A case study illustrates these effects. Read more


Podcasts promote storytelling and lived experiences, are accessible, and integrate easily into learning management systems. They can be used in class discussions, writing assignments, and assessments. Read more

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