The Intersection of Autoimmune Disease and Social Work: An Effective Partnership for Health

There are 80 to 100 autoimmune diseases. As the prevalence of autoimmune disease rises, the number of patients who will seek the support of social workers will also increase.

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What are your biggest self-care barriers? Likely, many of them could be addressed by saying “No” to something. Read more

Self Care

Ethics consultation is a process of facilitating critical thinking and empowering social workers (or others) to make effective decisions regarding ethical dilemmas, violations, questions, and processes for dealing with them. Read more


What's love got to do with self-care? Lizzo is a rapper/musician who combines flute and feminism. She’s getting increasing accolades, with the release of her album, “Cuz I Love You.” Her story has many facets. At heart, it’s about radical self-love. Read more

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The World Health Organization recently declared burnout as an “occupational phenomenon.” This recognition gives legitimacy to the move toward self-care as a means to address this phenomenon Social workers can lead in addressing burnout. Read more

Self Care

Addressing racial trauma directly with clients, validating the trauma response, and continual self-reflection on our own biases best serves our clients and our profession as a whole. Read more

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The more we talk about being in the same sea as our clients, the more we can demystify the stigma around mental illness that keeps all of us from building the robust teams we need to continue our work in this powerful field of social work. Read more

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