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Collegiate Recovery Programs Offer Proximity, Student-Driven Services

Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRPs) provide a supportive environment within the college campus culture for students in recovery. The person-in-environment approach is one that is in sync with social work.



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Michelle Obama famously asserted, “When they go low, we go high.”Taking the high road is not only a reflection of good manners and dignity. It is also the most effective strategy when it comes to improving a marriage or salvaging a relationship. more


Even after completing a degree, the “practice tests” continue. These "A"s and a PLUS will help you ace the self-care "thing." more

Self Care

Two films, "Boy Erased" and "The Miseducation of Cameron Post," expose harm of conversion therapy, or efforts to change a person's sexual orientation. SaraKay Smullens provides commentary on the films and history of these practices. more

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Doing the same thing expecting different results is not realistic. Why approach self-care in the same way? Sometimes we need to relax, reset, and rediscover! more

Self Care

Recent news includes assassination attempts, a move to erase "trans" as a category of personhood, and violent murders of people because of their skin color and religion. We must continue to do justice and not be daunted. It is essential to self-care. more

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Lady Gaga's star ascends in A Star Is Born, and her journey has only begun. SaraKay Smullens looks at the person and the film with a social worker's eye. more

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The U.S. culture is experiencing crises. Let’s use this toxic time as an opportunity to learn how to design better hazmat suits, practice radical self-care, and make political action part of self-care! more

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