What’s in Your Backpack? Mindful Self-Care and Emotional Rigor During the COVID-19 Crisis

Preparation for social work practice must include emotional rigor. Be intentional about how you relate and respond to experiences - how you carry your backpack.

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Self-care is paramount to ethical social work practice. July 24th is International Self-Care Day. Let’s have some fun and join in the Self-Care BINGO CHALLENGE. Invite your colleagues to participate and promote Self-Care 24/7! Read more

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Safe, decent, affordable housing cannot and should not be considered a luxury. It is literally a matter of life and death. Read more


Enhancing your financial literacy, assessing your financial history, identifying your financial priorities, and creating a financial plan are all steps toward your financial makeover - an overlooked aspect of self-care for social workers. Watch/read. Read more


Restorative justice focuses on both the offender and the victim, with rehabilitation and relationship at the forefront. Models discussed include victim inclusion, sentencing circles, and victim/offender mediation. Read more


Another self-care article – sure, we all know what self-care is and how important it is for social workers. Overwhelmed by the thought of scheduling self-care? Start with 15 minutes a day. Read more

Self Care

Those feelings of being “inadequate” when you are, in fact, quite competent are known as impostor syndrome. Here are seven ways to help you feel confident and overcome impostor syndrome as you navigate the job market as a new social work graduate. Read more


In this entry in the Vision. Intention. Strategy. Your Social Work Mentor series, Dr. Veronica Hardy explores mental decluttering, impostor syndrome, and gaining inspiration as you prepare for "pivot points" in your social work career. Read more


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