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Karen Roy, Social Worker, Is Ms. Wheelchair America 2019

Karen Fernbaugh Roy sustained a spinal cord injury during an armed robbery while in college. She later became a social worker and now holds the title of Ms. Wheelchair America.

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Professional self-care is crucial for social workers. Boundaries and balance are important elements of self-care at work. Read more

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Social workers often practice in community settings, but how often do they actually transform the settings? The University of Georgia School of Social Work and the Athens Clarke County Library are working together to create a trauma-informed library. Read more


The film Beautiful Boy provides a real and raw portrayal of a father and son’s descent into the ravages of the son's addiction to drugs. It also provides important avenues for social workers to discuss addiction issues. Read more

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Your relationship with self-care and burnout doesn't have to be awkward. Use mindfulness, optimism, and purposefulness, and invest in your relationship with yourself. Read more

Self Care

Is the constant news stream and current political climate making people more anxious? It is up to all of us to turn collective anxiety into something more productive and meaningful. What about collective rebellion? Read more

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The typical understanding of self-care is that it happens outside work. However, professional self-care—practicing self-care as part of work—is crucial! Read more

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Allan Barsky explores religious freedom in the context of social work practice, specifically whether it is ethical for social workers to cite religious differences with clients as the basis for referring clients to other workers. Read more

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