What’s in Your Backpack? Mindful Self-Care and Emotional Rigor During the COVID-19 Crisis

Preparation for social work practice must include emotional rigor. Be intentional about how you relate and respond to experiences - how you carry your backpack.

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Self-care, as a concept, was mentioned throughout my educational program; but what it actually meant and how to implement it remained a mystery. In my first few years as a social work practitioner, I learned many lessons the hard way. Read more

Self Care

A self-reflective diary, attention to signposts, mindfulness, and a big bucket list of professional goals are self-assessment tools to guide you to your professional and personal potential. Read more


Workplace bullying can have unhealthy effects on the person targeted and on services provided in the social work setting. Document your experience and consult with others. These and other strategies help in navigating this difficult situation. Read more

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There are no definite answers to how often you should hustle, how much you should rest, how much (or little) work you should do. But I’ve found a useful principle to be having a regular rhythm of rest. Read more


The Farm to Families model is a blend of community nourishment, community empowerment, and community engagement. That model can be replicated. We must nourish our communities as we nourish our families by providing access, choice, and affordability. Read more


September is Self-Care Awareness Month! We are celebrating this month, along with the 5-year anniversary of the Self-Care A-Z blog, with a month-long self-care calendar. Together, let’s re-story self-care as a normative lifestyle. Read more

Self Care

Are you thinking about a doctorate in social work? Does the dissertation scare you? In this video and accompanying article, Dr. Veronica Hardy shares tips for social workers considering work toward a social work doctoral degree (PhD or DSW). Read more

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