Burnt Out

What I Wish I Had Known, Part 2: The Impact of Societal Burnout on Our Social Work Profession and Beyond

Societal burnout is a state of being in which we are overwhelmed, overburdened, and overloaded by grave societal problems. With frequency, we see societal burnout on top of professional burnout on top of personal burnout.

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Inclusion is not enough. We need expansion. Social service organizations must collaboratively create mechanisms whereby diversity is not just superficially represented, but inherently embodied, pragmatically instituted, and consistently ensured. Read more


Prior to COVID-19, most educators had never taught online. As we prepare for a fall semester that will likely include expanded online courses, schools and institutions are urged to prioritize a trauma-informed approach. Read more

Education & Credentials

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are three times less likely than White individuals to seek and receive help for mental illness. Read more


If you are an MSW student and have experienced anxiety related to treating trauma, please know that you’re not alone. Talk about it, and start building your toolbox. Read more

Field Placement

Reading theory is easy and comfortable, but there is a unique education that only occurs in physical proximity to another person. Read more


Would you or your social work organization accept donations from someone who expresses racism or homophobia, a company engaging in child labor, or a violator of human rights? Under what conditions would you accept (or not accept) a tainted donation? Read more


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