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7 Tips To Attract Social Work Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile

Social work recruiters can find you more readily if you follow these 7 tips for maximizing your visibility on the LinkedIn platform. Harleny Vasquez, LMSW, SIFI, shows you how to target recruiters in an intentional way.

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Public speaking is practiced throughout the social work profession. With a public speaking mindset, focus on the audience, practice, and observation of colleagues, social workers can build their speaking skills and overcome glossophobia. Read more


Five years ago, I was fired. I loved my job. But being fired was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Dr. Erlene Grise-Owens reflects on getting fired, letting go, and allowing space for new meanings. Read more

Self Care

Negative self-talk can be transitioned into ability or growth-based self-talk. What might this look like? Dr. Veronica Hardy walks social work students and practitioners through steps to change negative self-talk into an opportunity for empowerment. Read more


Some sounds just make me happy. Boop. Pop. Swish. Listen. What sounds bring you comfort and connection? Read more

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Digital textbooks, discussion boards, online proctored exams, and virtual class sessions. Does this sound familiar? Use these 8 tips to decrease the distance in your distance education. Read more

Education & Credentials

Do you have a morning routine? Your morning routine doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s more important to just begin. Here are 7 ideas to get your day started. Give your best self to your clients and manage your stress before your stress manages you. Read more

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When I started in social work, I thought self-care only meant vacations, pedicures, and socializing. Then I got sick. I was forced into deep self-care of the mind, body, and spirit. Don't wait like I did. Read more

Self Care

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