Teepees at Fort Peck Reservation

Photo by J. Lawrence Dixon.

The Self-Reflective Rover: A Brief Glimpse at Travel Social Work

Travel social workers work at short-term assignments in a variety of locations. Travel allows much time for self-reflection and growth.

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Self-care needs to be individualized, integrated, and intentional. It needs to be structured, SMART, and sustainable. Habits engage all these components. Forming positive habits is crucial to self-care success. Read more

Self Care

You receive a notice that someone has issued a request for professional review, claiming you have breached the NASW Code of Ethics. What are your next steps? This is Part 2 of a 2-part series. Read more


The social work literature typically frames self-disclosure as a complex and controversial use-of-self practice. Inquiring minds still want to know: "Should I do it or not?" That question is too simple. Read more


Be ready for various interview formats and behavioral interviewing. Your Social Work Career Coach Jennifer Luna provides sample interview questions to help you prepare for your social work job interview. Read more


Stephen asked social workers on Twitter what self-care apps they use. Most common were meditation and fitness apps. Read more


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