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988: What Social Workers Need To Know About the New 3-Digit Crisis Line Number

The new 988 number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline went into effect July 16, 2022. How does it work, and what gaps in services need to be filled? Jonathan Singer summarizes what social workers need to know.

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Have you wanted to incorporate animals into your social work practice? In this Conversations on Social Work Careers video, Jennifer Luna interviews Janet Finch and her therapy dog Allie on animal assisted therapy, Pet Partners, and therapy dogs. Read more



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Fancy socks can sustain a social worker whose day is filled with stories of violence and trauma. A poetic reflection. Read more

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LGBT justice

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Ethical challenges arise when school social workers (SSWs) are faced with conflicting ethical codes, laws, and policies. In particular, this article focuses on laws restricting SSWs’ ability to discuss sexuality and gender with students. Read more


US Map

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An interstate compact license for social workers would facilitate practice mobility, allowing social workers to practice across state lines. A social work interstate licensing compact is under development, and you can submit your feedback now. Read more

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Reading life-stories deepens compassion, widens worldview, and encourages spirit—all aspects of expansive self-care. Here are four “big picture” aspects from Viola Davis’s compelling life-story that we can emulate in our own self-care journeys. Read more

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Book review of Things I Got Wrong So You Don’t Have To: 48 Lessons To Banish Burnout and Avoid Anxiety for Those Who Put Others First, by Pooky Knightsmith, reviewed by Rhonda Peterson Dealey Read more

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End Racism Sign

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As a social worker, you have a powerful toolkit of skills to confront practices leading to race-based trauma. Take an inventory of your self-awareness, workplace, and geographic location to determine what steps you can take to promote social justice. Read more


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