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What Makes Someone a Social Worker?

Do you have to go to school to be a social worker? Yes, but a social work degree is only the beginning.

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In social work training, we discuss working with structural forces and power differences by naming them and the ways they are showing up in the room. But how does this intervention fit within the general theory of what is curative for our clients? Read more

Clinical Intersections

Health at Every Size

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The Health at Every Size® (HAES®) social justice grounded framework aligns well with social work values and ethics. Here’s how social workers can start putting it into practice. Read more


Pitting organizational accountability or community care against individual empowerment and vice versa is largely counterproductive. Let’s just come to complementary and constructive terms: Community Care, AND Organizational Wellness, AND Self-Care Read more

Self Care

Elections are important for social workers, clients, and communities. Participate in the Voting Is Social Work campaign by putting voter rights and registration on your social work event agenda. Read more


October 6-12 is Mental Illness Awareness Week, and October 10 is World Mental Health Day. The focus of WMHD for 2019 is suicide prevention. These resources are a starting point for social workers who want to increase your knowledge in this area. Read more


What should I say next? This question, arising after the paperwork of intakes and goal setting, can feel terrorizing to social work students and new clinicians. It gets at the heart of what we do and the desire to always say the right next thing. Read more

Clinical Intersections

As advocates and social justice agents, we can form "a union for holistic professionals." Collective action arises from our need to contribute to well-being, and that is a beautiful imprint of our kindness. Read more


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