Racism: The Challenge for Social Workers

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MSW student

There has been overt discrimination against me for daring to be a "white male" in an MSW program. I was told by my advisor at a school in Detroit MI that I " was a member of the oppressor class" since I was a 40 year old white male and that I "shouldn't get my hopes up for full time admission." I transferred to another school in the western part of the state. I ran uncontested for the president of the MSW student organization but was told that I could serve in the role because "it wouldn't look right," by a tenured professor who was the faculty liason. In almost every class it is de facto OK to stereotype white men and race shame whites in general. I leaves me feeling disgusted that Marxists have brain washed so many people.

James more than 6 years ago


Oh please tell me your sob story about being a "white man" in today's society...The client population is consistent with diversity and therefore they need a more diverse and culturally sensitive social worker to understand their needs, not another white man telling them how they should live their lives..it's time to wake up sir.

Jane Doe more than 5 years ago

Not helpful

You basically proved his point Jane Doe. I’m a white male in an MSW program who wants to do good in the world. The profession should be thankful for any male of any race that is interested. It’s completly dominated by women. Guess what? Lots of older men and lots of young boys can relate to a male social worker. You’re welcome.

Concerned Whitey more than 5 years ago

White privledge

I am sorry to read about anyone experiencing prejudice. As a white male, I understand the original posters upset...and, this is what is needed to attempt to balance/fix/reduce the racism that non-white people have experienced for decades. There's a huge difference though, in the upset white people face in the current era's efforts to right wrongs. Decades of prejudice, centuries really that non-white people have faced, vs minor inconveniences in one's professional life. For me, as a while guy, it's about time.

Doug Graiver more than 2 years ago

Reply to MSW Student

I am sorry that your advisor in Detroit, MI, made that comment. That must have been really discouraging. While it is not easy to be a white male in your circumstance, it has certainly been a lot easier for you to navigate the complexities of our society which is a lot more inclined to white males. White privilege is not Marxist, it has been proven in many different studies regarding health care, employment and education.

I applaud you on continuing with your education. There really do need to be more male social workers.

Christina Sanchez Quinata more than 5 years ago

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