Culturally Competent Social Work Practice With Latino Clients

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Strongly disagree

I have been an MSW student at two Michigan universities and have faced overt discrimination by faculty and students at both universities. I am a "white male" a label which seems to be demonized almost on a daily basis in class. When I was to apply for full time entry at my first university I was told not to get my hopes up despite having all As because being a 40 year old white male made me a member of the oppressor class. At my second University I ran for the president of the MSW student organization and no one else ran for this position yet I lost. I was told it 'wouldn't look right' to have a white male be the president of this organization. I have found that social work school bends over backwards and glorifies for so-called 'people of color' yet practices racism, sexism and discrimination against 'white' people on the basis of gender and race. my experience was so bad that after three semesters I dropped out giving myself time to think if I even want to be apart of such a hateful profession.

James more than 3 years ago


50+, white, male, social work student. Didn't see the same overt discrimination, but I can see how it was carried out against you. It is not social work which teaches the discrimination, but the racist, bigoted instructor hiding behind the guise of moral righteous and social justice. Take a stand against it. Fight it. Until they quit playing the race, gender and sexuality games, we will remain divided.

David more than 3 years ago

white privledge

Welcome to the life of all people that are not the White Male. You experienced what they have experienced from the beginning of time

Tammy weston 327 days ago

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