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National Poetry Month

Poetry: Running on Empty

Running on Empty - a poem by social worker Robbie Singh.

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I am not a superhero. I am a human social worker. Read more

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Social worker/poet Jane Seskin shares unique ways she survives the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

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Social worker Rosita Mazzi writes on life as a social worker in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Read more

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When the Sky Is Falling, a poem of resilience and hope, by social worker Jane Seskin. Read more

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The School to Prison Pipeline

by Wendy G. Turner

Art is a powerful means of expression. These three art pieces by social work educator Wendy Turner address issues of racism, homophobia, and sexism. Read more

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The University of Iowa National Poetry Contest for Social Workers is accepting poem submissions between October 1, 2019, and January 31, 2020. The top 3 poems will receive cash prizes and will be published in The New Social Worker magazine. Read more

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Keep On Walking - a poem by social worker Amy Stage. Read more

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A poem, Clients, by social worker Rich Kenney, Jr. Read more

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The one in the chair, waiting in a hospital room, often feels invisible, unseen. Read more

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Crossing the Line - a poem by social worker Rich H. Kenney, Jr., on recess, stigma, and finding common ground. Read more

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