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Home Made

Book Review—Home Made: A Story of Grief, Groceries, Showing Up–and What We Make When We Make Dinner

The New Social Worker’s book review of Home Made. “Who among us doesn’t have a client we still wonder about? It’s a unique sort of grief and worry that Hauck wrestles with throughout the book.”

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Jordan has a mental illness. Continue Breathing follows the character through his struggles as he develops symptoms, first seeks help, becomes stabilized, becomes hospitalized, and falters along the way. Read The New Social Worker’s review. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

We’re all attempting to practice social work in an era of political strife, widespread turmoil, and an unprecedented pandemic. Enter this practical, enlightening book. Read our review of Burnout and Self-Care in Social Work, 2nd Edition. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The New Social Worker's SaraKay Smullens reviews The Lost Daughter, nominated for three Academy Awards. The Lost Daughter confronts, among other questions: What does the phrase “natural mother” mean? Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The willingness of the authors to be vulnerable and share their journeys is a reminder to all Latinx social workers (and others) that we are not alone, and our stories are always evolving. Read our book review of Latinx in Social Work. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

In The Other Side of Suffering: Finding a Path to Peace After Tragedy, Katie Cherry examines the suffering and healing experiences of disaster survivors of the 2005 hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. Read Shakima Tozay’s review. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

The empowerment, hope, and resilience that is demonstrated by Crip Camp is essential for social workers to know. Given the chance for self-determination, people will rise to the occasion, but the systems must permit it. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Mitchell provides a journalistic exposé of the political, financial, and institutional forces that have created $1.6 trillion in student debt over the last 65 years. Peter Kindle reviews The Debt Trap. Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Maid, an October 2021 release on Netflix, provides an opportunity to learn about domestic abuse, poverty, and social work. However, the series is not representative of all the complexities social workers see in real life. Read more

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