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Stephen Cummings writes about social work and technology. Stephen is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Iowa School of Social Work, where he is the Distance Education Administrator. Stephen has been involved in the field of social work for over 20 years, initially working at an agency for people with disabilities as an employment specialist, before earning his MSW in 2002 at the University of Iowa. For 10 years, Stephen worked as a medical social worker at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, primarily in Surgical Intensive Care, inpatient psychiatry, and the Emergency Treatment Center. Throughout his practice, Stephen nurtured an interest in the use of technology in the social work profession. He brought this expertise to his Distance Education Administrator role, focusing on ethics and technology as part of his scholarly work. Stephen is also a member of #MacroSW, a collaboration of social work leaders dedicated to the promotion of macro-based social work practice.  

Stephen asked social workers on Twitter what self-care apps they use. Most common were meditation and fitness apps. Read more


Fall brings a new academic year and new digital technologies for social work students. Here is your back-to-school pep talk and tech toolkit, all rolled into one. Read more


Is a macro social work license necessary? #MacroSW hosted a Twitter chat on the topic of macro-level social work licensure. The following questions were posed to the participants. Read more

Practice 2 Comments

The U.S. federal government is considering outlawing the use of electronic encryption. What will this mean for confidential electronic communication in social work practice? Read more


Is the technology monster sneaking into your life and draining your resources? Read more


Attempting to circumvent the social work profession’s title and mission does us all harm. I thank my first supervisor every year for educating me about social work and disabusing me of the misconceptions I had about the profession. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2019

While visiting Disney World for a social work conference, Stephen took note of the ways in which technology was used to collect visitors' private data. Should social workers be concerned? Read more


#MacroSW Twitter chat participants discussed social work and self-care in the current political environment. Read more

, Practice

Google is exponentially powerful, and its algorithm is complex. Is it good for your social work client? Read more

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On June 11, 2018, Net Neutrality officially ended. What was Net Neutrality all about? And how will the end of it affect social work? Read more


Technology in higher education is constantly changing. Students and faculty continue to adapt to these changes. Read more


One of the strengths of social work practice is our ability to be leaders in technology use. In developing new programs or creating new interventions involving technology, we are strongest when we aren’t just competent, but are emergent leaders. Read more

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Macro social workers asked: What constitutes a protest song? On the surface, this seems straightforward - a topical song with a focus on social justice and social change. That said, the best songs are propelled by their themes and their quality. Read more

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