Stephen Cummings


Stephen Cummings writes about social work and technology. Stephen is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Iowa School of Social Work, where he is the Distance Education Administrator. Stephen has been involved in the field of social work for over 20 years, initially working at an agency for people with disabilities as an employment specialist, before earning his MSW in 2002 at the University of Iowa. For 10 years, Stephen worked as a medical social worker at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, primarily in Surgical Intensive Care, inpatient psychiatry, and the Emergency Treatment Center. Throughout his practice, Stephen nurtured an interest in the use of technology in the social work profession. He brought this expertise to his Distance Education Administrator role, focusing on ethics and technology as part of his scholarly work. Stephen is also a member of #MacroSW, a collaboration of social work leaders dedicated to the promotion of macro-based social work practice.  

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