Banned book

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Ethics Alive! Anti-Woke Laws and Social Work Ethics

With recent backlash against the term woke, anti-woke laws have been proposed in at least 17 state legislatures in 2022, and Florida enacted its own “Stop WOKE Act.” What is a social worker to do when such laws affect ability to practice ethically?

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Job interview

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Although many people embellish their résumés and withhold relevant information, there are many good reasons for being honest with prospective employers. Being true to our values, virtues, and ethical principles means being honest with others. Read more


Pregnancy Test

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In response to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, Dr. Allan Barsky explores ethical issues for social workers in assisting those seeking abortion care but practicing in states that prohibit or restrict access to abortion-related services. Read more

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LGBT justice

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Ethical challenges arise when school social workers (SSWs) are faced with conflicting ethical codes, laws, and policies. In particular, this article focuses on laws restricting SSWs’ ability to discuss sexuality and gender with students. Read more

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We All Have Stories To Tell

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Narrative ethics is an approach to exploring ethical issues by engaging people in storytelling. It is based on social constructionism, and there is no singular objective truth. Instead, it is relational and situational. Read more


Dual relationships may be concurrent or sequential, intentional or unintentional. By anticipating dual relationships and conflicts of interest, we can plan how to navigate the ethical issues rather than simply reacting to problems after they arise. Read more

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SocBot social workers


Can Siri and Alexa be programmed with social work values, knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills? Is this the "new" social worker of the future? Can SocBots learn and adapt to provide better, more ethical services? Read more

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You may be familiar with traditional forms of payment, but what about digital payments for social work services? We explore the ethics of using various means of exchange for our services. Read more


In recent additions to the NASW Code of Ethics, self-care has been added as paramount for competent, ethical social work practice. Also, social workers must take action against oppression, racism, discrimination, inequities and acknowledge privilege. Read more

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Termination of services with clients has always been a consideration of social work ethics. During the COVID-19 pandemic, termination considerations became more critical for some. Read more


An October 2020 decision, since reversed, would have allowed licensed social workers in Texas to discriminate, even though such discrimination is in violation of the NASW Code of Ethics. Read more

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