Curriculum Vitae

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of a CV for Social Workers

Do you need a CV (curriculum vita) or a résumé? What is included on a CV, and is there a standard order for CV items? Get the scoop on CVs for social workers here.

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Start your social work job search now, make adjustments for unique situations, and be flexible. Read more


Be organized, use your coping mechanisms, practice self-care, and build a support network to minimize stress during your job search in this challenging time. Read more


Be ready for various interview formats and behavioral interviewing. Your Social Work Career Coach Jennifer Luna provides sample interview questions to help you prepare for your social work job interview. Read more


Wouldn't it be great if your GPS led you to your career destination? It won't, but you can map out your social work career path with these strategic steps. Read more


Do you have to go to school to be a social worker? Yes, but a social work degree is only the beginning. Read more

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School social workers - have you ever had to explain your role to administrators, parents, or teachers? The way your "brand" is communicated to teachers, parents, counselors, and administrators through words and actions is important. Read more

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Regardless of your social work practice area, professional presentation skills are a must. Yet, 75% of people are afraid of public speaking. Read more


You hold a social work degree because you chose social work. Be proud of it and call yourself a social worker. Read more

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The 6-month mark in your new job is a good time to assess how things are going. Consider these six issues that may be areas of concern. Read more

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You made it through the job interview for the social work job you want. Now what? Do not neglect to follow up. Write a thank-you letter, connect on LinkedIn, and prepare for the next interview. The search isn't over until you start your new job. Read more


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