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To the Student Who Is Unsure of Your Future: You Can Do It

This is me, a first-generation college graduate, telling you: You can do it. I know it. Others know it. I hope you know it, too.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, many programs have transitioned to online courses. Seven graduates of an online MSW program provide inside tips on getting the most from your online program in social work. Read more

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The Whitney Young Social Work Society at Norfolk State University held an event at a women's basketball and interviewed players and a coach about Title IX. Read more

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Prior to COVID-19, most educators had never taught online. As we prepare for a fall semester that will likely include expanded online courses, schools and institutions are urged to prioritize a trauma-informed approach. Read more

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In the space between grief and hope, there is unprecedented opportunity for this year's social work graduates. Read more

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Winthrop University

Photo credit: Jessica Faulk

After her online bachelor's degree experience, Jessica enters an on-campus MSW program and experiences feelings of gratitude, pride, and belongingness. Read more

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are not just for techies. They are offering more and more courses of interest to social workers. And you can take them in your pajamas. Read more

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When you begin graduate school for an MSW, you are not told how the education you are beginning will potentially reorganize many facets of your awareness. You have a lot to learn. Reflections on the transformative nature of social work education. Read more

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