Demographic Pass-Rate Data Release Under Discussion

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Demographic data release

This is confusing; hasn't the ASWB been purporting not to collect demographic data? How, then, would they revisit a question of demographic data release rather than initiate data collection?

Teresa 16 days ago


"Continually revisiting the question of release" makes it sound like ASWB already has the data and is choosing not to share it... so which is it exactly? You don't have the data, or you have it and don't want to release it?

Rebecca 4 days ago

Missing bias safeguard

Provide a justification for why assessing exam outcomes by demographics is not *already* included in ASWB's safeguards against racial bias. It seems obvious that in order to assess racial bias in the would need to assess exam outcomes for different racial groups.

Matthew DeCarlo 16 days ago

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