Social Work Licensing

Had this social worker not been licensed, what accountability would this practitioner have had to the profession or to the client? If not for a regulatory board, who would advocate that unethical practitioners must be held accountable? more

Social Work Month Project 2018

Social workers bring an ethical perspective that is magnified and enhanced through licensure, and licensure in turn strengthens the core values of the profession through public protection. more

Social Work Month Project 2018 1 Comments

Social work licensing exam tutor Susan Mankita, LCSW, explains 2018 changes to the Association of Social Work Board (ASWB) licensing exams. The changes are slight and make the exams more relevant. more

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ASWB Completes Practice Analysis, Will Launch New Social Work Licensing Exams in 2018

The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) has released its 2017 Analysis of the Practice of Social Work. Changes to licensing exams will take effect January 2, 2018. more

Social Work News 2 Comments

ASWB Launches Path to Licensure Institute

ASWB Path to Licensure Institute scholars will develop a model for introducing information about social work licensing and regulation to their students and design a regulation-specific research project to be completed by August 2020. more

Social Work News

Have you thought about becoming a social work regulator as an area of social work practice or to broaden your social work avenues to volunteer? Service on a state or provincial regulatory board offers opportunity to flex your macro muscles. more

Social Work Month Project 2017

ASWB Seeks Licensed Social Workers To Help Set Passing Score Standards for Social Work Licensing Exams

The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) seeks social work subject matter expert volunteers to participate in reviewing performance standards and recommending passing scores for new social work exams to be released in 2018. Deadline 3/1/17 more

Social Work News

The role of a social work licensing board is to protect the public. It can be easy for social workers to confuse what the board does and what the board does not have the authority to accomplish. more

Education & Credentials 1 Comments Site Serves as Hub on Practice Mobility and License Portability for Social Workers

ASWB has launched a new website to disseminate information about practice mobility and license portability for social workers, and to collect social workers' stories about this issue. more

Social Work News

Most mental health professionals have to take steps after earning their first license to qualify for independent practice. Licensees who most successfully navigate the process do so following many of the recommendations in this article. more

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To celebrate the theme of Social Work Month, “Forging Solutions Out of Challenges,” I am delighted to focus on the challenges and the benefits of becoming a licensed social worker. more

Social Work Month Project 2016 4 Comments

What are the lessons learned from a social work career of servant leadership? First, know yourself and find your passion. Is leadership a good fit? A message on social work leadership from M. Jenise Comer, president of ASWB. more

Social Work Month Project 2016 1 Comments

Each year, thousands of social workers find themselves with heightened irritability, sensitivity, and exhaustion. They bite their nails, they lose sleep, they worry, fret, and frown. They’re preparing for the social work licensing exam. more

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Being “prudent” means being careful about one’s own interest, exercising good judgment, and being careful about one’s behavior. Licensed social workers take care of themselves and their clients by conducting their work prudently. more

Social Work Month 2015

A Social Work Month message on the Path to Licensure, by Mary Jo Monahan, CEO of the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB). more

Social Work Month 2015

Tips and tricks that help you guess on the licensure exam are dangerous. Learn to think like a social worker to pass the social work exam. more

Education & Credentials

There is nothing that frustrates me more than when a good social worker can’t pass the licensure exam. I am a firm believer that every good social worker can earn his or her professional license, once he or she has the appropriate tools. more

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A poem and video by social worker Laura McBride, on test anxiety, labels, and dreams of a social worker. more


10 tips for passing the social work licensing exam. more

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Social workers who fail the licensing examination often seek information on how to improve their scores. Prior to retaking any exam, three specific issues must be addressed. These are: more

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