In social work training, we discuss working with structural forces and power differences by naming them and the ways they are showing up in the room. But how does this intervention fit within the general theory of what is curative for our clients? Read more

Clinical Intersections

Addressing racial trauma directly with clients, validating the trauma response, and continual self-reflection on our own biases best serves our clients and our profession as a whole. Read more

Practice 1 Comments

Perpetuating the “strong black woman” message is unrealistic and problematic. By internalizing it, I was unknowingly stripping myself of the opportunity to be vulnerable, acknowledge my needs, and take care of myself. Read more

Self Care 1 Comments

Book review of White Fragility by Robin Diangelo, reviewed by Lisa Eible. Read more

Reviews & Commentary 2 Comments

"It's Your Choice To Hate" by Jasmine Nelson is 3rd place winner in The New Social Worker's 2018 Reverse Poetry Contest, student category. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2018

Racism, religious bigotry, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination are pervasive at national and international levels. Rather than being paralyzed, I have decided to take the credo, “Think globally, act locally," to heart, head, and hand. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2018 1 Comments

What does it mean to interrupt Islamophobia? And how does social work fit in? Read more

Practice 1 Comments

Book review of Strategies for Deconstructing Racism in the Health and Human Services Read more

Reviews & Commentary

What do we do when we are blue about the events of the day? Dr. Jules Gilliam performs her original song (with music by Robert Hitz) that says when a tragedy happens in the world, you can just send love to it. Read more

Creative Work

Vicarious resilience is a form of self-care. In contrast to vicarious trauma, vicarious resilience refers to the positive impact of hearing how others cope with trauma and difficulties. Seek out stories of resilience to inspire self-care. Read more

Self Care 2 Comments

The final installment of the Achieving Racial Equity Through Social Work series focuses on taking action. Read more

, , Practice

The New Social Worker Top 5 Articles for 2016, and More!

Catch up on The New Social Worker magazine's top articles and awards from 2016, and let's look ahead to the new year. Read more

Linda's Agenda

Deep Denial documents through history and personal accounts the 400-year racialization of the United States and how people of European descent came to be called “white.” Social worker Sandy Bernabei interviews author David Billings. Read more

Reviews & Commentary 1 Comments

Internalized racial oppression is a multigenerational process of accepting social messaging about one’s standing in society and one’s comparative value. Read more

, , Practice

Book review of Why Are They Angry With Us? Essays on Race Read more

Reviews & Commentary

Clinically, our work comes down to the provision of an emotional acre of land for each client. For clients of color, this requires a more generous invitation into the room. It requires an intentional invitation honoring the complexity of our world. Read more

Real World Clinical 1 Comments

Previously, we explored the Undoing Racism® principle of analyzing power (see Now, we examine our roles as gatekeepers and our responsibility to identify and analyze manifestations of racism. Read more

, , Practice 2 Comments

How can I work to change a system that is defective by design? How can people of color take control of, and protect, their bodies in a system that seeks to strip them of their agency? These are ambitious, and at times seemingly impossible, tasks. Read more

Practice 1 Comments

Poetry about shouting out in opposition to racism, sexism, poverty shaming. Written by social work student Danielle Mund of Champlain College. Read more

Social Work Month Project 2016


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