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An American Social Worker in London Article

While I understand that this is a GOOD article, I think it should be dated so that people know how old it is and it would probably keep your publication from having to field questions that cannot be answered.

Danette Hayles more than 3 years ago

Thank you

Thank you for reading the article. A note has been added at the top of the article to make it clearer that this is from our archives and was published in 2006. more than 3 years ago

OLD article

This article is very outdated and misleading. I am a US Social Worker with a Master Degree and am finding it impossible to find a job or anyone to help me make the move. The recruitment agencies do not even know the rules/laws regarding Tier 2 Visa sponsorship. The way it looks, I cannot get a job without being a resident, I cannot legally become a resident without a job. AND I won't be considered before a UK or EU citizen. (And, oddly enough, I have seen some recruiters looking for Social Workers in South Africa.) Oh, and I am HCPC registered.

Cindy Brock more than 4 years ago


Yes, this article from our archives was published quite a few years ago. more than 4 years ago

American social workers migration to the UK

Hello Cindy and all other American trained Social Workers practising in the UK, we would love it if you take part in our study exploring the experiences of migration of American social workers to the UK.

For more information about this study and to participate in our online questionnaire, please follow this link:

Yohai Hakak more than 3 years ago

Having the Same Problem

Hey Cindy, I am going through something similar in finding a way to practice social work in the UK. Have you been able to resolve any of the obstacles you have hit and if so could you share them with me?

Abby N more than 3 years ago

Old Article

Cindy, I agree. I too am interested in practicing in the UK and this article does not help. It seems there are no clear cut or helpful information on making this move. Best to you.

Danette Hayles more than 3 years ago


Hello! I really enjoyed this article and found it very helpful! Is it possible to get lcsw supervision in the uk with the aim of later getting liscensed in the us? Thank you!

Ann more than 4 years ago

Requirements are state-specific

Hi, Ann. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, so I would check the requirements of the state where you want to be licensed for a definitive answer to any questions on licensing/supervision requirements. more than 4 years ago

LCSW in the UK?

Hello! I am currently in an MSW program with the aim to become an LCSW and practice mental health counseling. I have heard that social workers do not conduct psychotherapy as they do in the US. Is this true? Would I be able to conduct therapy in the UK? Thank you!

Rachel Jones more than 4 years ago


You may want to contact the British Association of Social Workers to ask this question. more than 4 years ago

International Student placement

Do you have any recommendations of agencies or organisations to approach to do an international placement??

Jennifer more than 4 years ago

International placement

We do not have specific recommendations. If it is a placement for your social work degree, check with your school's field department to see if they have connections with agencies in other countries. more than 4 years ago


I love this article and can relate myself to it a lot! I am an international student from Hong Kong and studying my MSW in the U.S. International experience can really open up your eyes!!! I really agree with "people can always forget there are more beyond your country." This is why international working/studying is so attractive, to remind yourself that there is a bigger world outside your bubble. I am also interested in working in UK! I am a Hong Kong resident so I hold a BNO. I wonder what is the immigration process for a BNO holder in order to work in the UK?

Connie Lan more than 4 years ago


I am very interested in working abroad, and possibly living there fully. Once I graduate with my MSW, I will also be married. So how does that work with a spouse? I would prefer if he tagged along. I kind of like him a little bit. or if there is a person or place I could ask questions to, could someone steer me in the right direction.

Erica Hebert more than 5 years ago


Erica, I would try contacting some of the recruitment agencies that work with social workers in the UK and ask them this question. They would have information about the type of visa needed, etc. more than 4 years ago

Just a few questions

I really enjoy your post. I find it very insightful. I just graduated with my BSW, do most jobs ask for an MSW or would I be able to find work with a BSW? Did you have a place to rent set up before you got there? If so, how did you go about finding it? Also, did you have a job set up before moving and again how did you go about finding a job from over seas? Thank you for sharing such helpful information!

Lauren more than 5 years ago

Reply to Lauren (and others)

Thank you for reading this article and for your interest in social work in London. This article was written/published several years ago. We don't have specific details on the questions you have asked. There are a number of recruitment agencies for social work jobs in the UK that can be found via a Google search. Maybe someone with recent experience with these agencies will chime in here with a comment! Best wishes in your search. more than 5 years ago

Clinical Mental Health as Social Worker

Hi, I will be graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this spring (2018) with my Masters in Social Work with focus in mental health. My goal is to become an LCSW and when I graduate I will have 1000 supervised clinical hours out of the 3000 I need in order to be licensed in the United States. However, my husband is looking to pursue a 2 year post doctoral position in Chemistry in Europe, so I'm wondering if you have any advice for a social worker looking to gain clinical supervision, employment, or fellowship in the mental health field in Europe. In the U.S. I need approximately 2 more years post-grad of clinical supervision doing direct therapy before I can be licensed and can attain these clinical hours through a job, fellowship, or volunteer work. So I'm wondering if the licensing requirements for mental health professionals are the same in Europe or if a MSW can work in the mental health field in Europe? If so, where would you recommend I apply for these jobs, volunteer work, or fellowship? Also, I've been trying to do research regarding this topic and have found little information, so any additional resources that can be shared would be amazing! Thank you for your time and any insight :)

Faith Voss more than 5 years ago

Licensing in Europe

I would suggest contacting the social work association in the country where you are planning to move. They should be able to provide this information. more than 5 years ago


Hi, I am currently in my MSW program in Ohio. My boyfriend lives in UK, and I want to move to England and get a job once I am finished with my MSW.Any advice on what I need / should do to guarantee a job? I am a little nervous I have read a lot of people who say as an American you can't be a Social Worker in the UK

Katie more than 5 years ago

U.S. social worker in UK

Hi, Katie. I have not heard that a U.S. social worker cannot work in the U.K. I cannot advise you on specific agencies, but I suggest you search Google and/or other sites/social media for "social work recruitment UK." You may find some useful resources that way. more than 5 years ago

Yes you can

There is a visa for shortage occupations for social workers You need a sponsoring company but according to me UK friend it's not difficult. You just have to pay to get your credentials qualified through the government. He knows several American social workers.

Ang more than 5 years ago

contact info

is there any way you could connect me with your friend, through email. or ask which agencies. I can't seem to find any. any type of suggestion can help. thank you for posting

Susan L Sabogal more than 5 years ago

great info!

I am a LCSW with 28 years experience. I would love to work in Scotland. Thank you for the information. Congratulations to you all on your pending graduation!!

Amy Green more than 4 years ago

Advice on moving to UK

Hi, I am in the second year of my MSW program at Univ of Denver. I am dating someone who lives in the UK and hoping to move there after school. I am wondering if the author's suggestions are still the best route to move to England as a social worker or if anyone has better ideas since it has been over 10 years since this post was written. Thank you!

Laura more than 5 years ago

Well I'm moving the to UK.

Well I'min the process of moving the to UK. HCPC is the certifying agency in the UK. Yes there are a number of LinkedIn UK Social Work groups and recruitment agencies. But as I have been doing my research UK leaving the EU has its issues as well as new laws regarding immigration an temporary workers. Do your research as a non-student moving to the UK

Morton more than 6 years ago


hi, just curious as you're in the stages of moving of how your job search went? more than 5 years ago

Licensing in the UK

I am currently living in London with my husband under a Tier 2 Visa (my husband has a new job here). I am an American, and am wondering what steps I need to take to be able to apply for social work jobs in London. I have a Masters Degree, and a license in Pennsylvania which will expire in January, as I did not keep up with CEUs- we had planned to be in Brazil, so I wasn't expecting to be able to work (bc of the language barrier).

Anyway, with a license in PA and a Masters Degree, what do I need to do to be qualified to apply for jobs here? I am almost four years out of school.

Elisabeth more than 6 years ago


Did you ever find out how to do this? I'm in the same situation as you & live in PA.

Katarzyna Sadowska more than 6 years ago

Getting Licensed

I am here in the UK for a US company. I want to transfer my LCSW to be able to practice in the UK and it is such a quagmire to contact anyone to give you any guidance. The multiple agencies do not return calls or emails. IT would be interesting to hear anyone's advice on how to get your license here so I can work some part time clients

Josh more than 6 years ago


I am an MSW student and completing my degree in December. I am looking at PhD/Doctoral programs in the UK and want to take some time off and work in the UK before I start school again. I have 5 years of working in the field and have a great deal of experience. I would like to know how to go about finding a job and obtaining a work visa or get my footing in the UK before I start school. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Romel more than 6 years ago


Hi, Romel. Thank you for reading this article. It has been quite a while since the writer of this article worked in the U.K. There are U.K. recruiters who look for U.S. social workers to work in the U.K. You may be able to find them on LinkedIn or through a Google search. Also, you may want to try asking your question in a LinkedIn group (we have one) or elsewhere on social media. more than 6 years ago


Hi there, my long term partner is from the USA and is trying to move across to the UK to practice social work. I am a UK citizen but as I am currently in medical school and live on my loans I don't meet the governments requirements to sponsor her, so a Tier 2 visa is our only hope and shot at the moment. We have searched the length and breadth of the internet applying for jobs with no success so far. I was just wondering if you had the names of any recruiters who sponsor USA social workers to come and work in the UK, and also where I can find you guys on linkedin to ask on there - I can't seem to find the forum?

Paul more than 6 years ago

LinkedIn Group

Paul, we do not have the names of specific recruiters. Our LinkedIn group is under "The New Social Worker Magazine." Try this link: more than 6 years ago

Francis Waldo

Hi, I am Francis Waldo Juanillo, I am a medical social worker here in our country as well as I am a licensed social worker. I've been doing case management and field during my internship in college and was assigned to any various places that has various problems, interms of economic, social, emotional and mental aspects. I also have my internship in Parole and Probation office under Dept. of Justice. Now, I am a medical social worker here in the Philippines I never call it a dream to work abroad as a social worker instead I call it as a plan to work abroad. This is to enhance and learn more about different cultures in the world and understand the broad meaning of a generalize social work. This is also to gain more knowledge about the different agencies and people that could become the possible resource person and help as through our strategic and justfied service in the near future, so Please help me or guide me where I could possibly apply for abroad as a socil worker.

Thank you and Godbless.

Francis Waldo more than 6 years ago

about serve as a social work

I´m Carmen, Brazilian, just graduated on Social work and look forward to work on it. I connect well with people, also speak Spanish, plus Portuguese and English...I´ve been living in África in different countries, doing a volunteer work for several years...I´d love go out of my country, live and work abroad.

Carmen Caldeira more than 7 years ago

Fellow LUC Grad(to-be)

I am going to be graduating from LUCSSW this May with my MSW and CADC. I have been increasingly looking into the option of working abroad after graduation. Would you be willing to talk with me about how the process worked for you and any part Loyola played in it? I'd love to have a support that has been through it, so far I've been going it alone.

Mary D. more than 7 years ago

Clinical DIfferences

I am a UK native living and working in the US. My undergraduate education was completed here as well as my professional experience. I'm curious to know if you felt there were any obvious clinical differences, especially with presentation and diagnosis. I have my own feelings about this, of course, but I'd be interested in your insight. Obviously, this is an old article and may not herald a response.

Greg more than 7 years ago

Working in the USA

What is the process for a UK qualified Social Worker trying to secure work in USA or is this not possible?

Nicola Madge more than 7 years ago


hi I just wanted to ask if you had any luck answering your question.

Almira more than 5 years ago

Social Work in The UK

I got my MSW a year ago and have been working in downtown Atlanta but am very interested in working in the UK for social work. It is a place I have always wanted to live in and I think it's important for this profession to have as much experience working with different cultures as possible. Please let me know what I would have to do to possibly work in the UK. Thanks!

Meghan Murphy more than 7 years ago


Hi Meghan. my name is Angela and I am a Social worker in Edmonton, Canada. I am interested in moving to England as well. Im curious as to what advice you have received about how to go about finding jobs. Any advice/suggestions would be great!!!!
did you land a job? are you in England now???

angela more than 7 years ago

International Social Work

I am very interested in international social work, especially in London. I have recently graduated from Georgia State University with my BSW. Please email me and let me know what i need to do to get more info on working abroad.

Natalie Johnson more than 7 years ago

The other way around!

So I came the opposite way to you. I am from the UK and will be graduating with my BSW from the USA in 2016. At the moment I'm undecided on what I wan to do and was wondering if you had any information on how transferable the degree is from country to country? my big debate right now is to either stay in the USA and try and get my masters degree, or return to family and apply at home in the UK! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kirsten Rendall more than 7 years ago

International Social Work

Can you email me I have a few questions about your work outside the USA

Mildred Reyes more than 8 years ago


This article was published several years ago, so its author may not see your request. more than 8 years ago

Living rate+wages

How affordable is living in the UK as a single person? I'm having some difficulty finding up to date numbers. Hopefully someone will notice this soon...?

Mallory Hudson more than 8 years ago


I will be graduating with my MSW within the year and just stumbled upon this article. While obtaining my BA, I studied abroad in London and fell completely in love. I've been looking for a way to move back and this article just made me so excited with the limitless possibilities! Thanks so much :) Hopefully my transition over the pond will be a smooth-ish as yours!

Sarah more than 8 years ago

Any Help is Appreciated!!!

Hello I have been working as a Clinical Social Worker for about two years. I have my MSW but am very interested in working in the UK. If anybody has any helpful information on how I can get started please any help is grateful. I also am trying to find a job which will sponsor me.

Marivel Pelaez more than 8 years ago

Better late than never

I know your blog is posted years ago, but I still find it helpful. I am still in the beginning stages of getting a degree in social work (AA). My goal is get a bachelors and get a feel of the social work field. My goal is to move to London and work as a social worker. However, I am a single mother and I have a heck of a lot of planning and saving to make it doable and a safe experience for my daughter. I think it is really cool that you took the opportunity and went a step up in your field. It is annoying when people question on why would you go out of your comfort zone to live in another country. I get that all the time and it can be disheartening. I hope wherever you are that you are successful and doing well. Thanks for writing this blog. :)

Nicole more than 9 years ago

Follow Your Heart Nicole

I am a single mom living in Japan with my 7yr old daughter and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I plan on moving to England to also work as a Social Worker just for a year so I can experience the UK. Don't let anyone make you feel that it cannot be done. Many people cannot imagine living outside their comfort zone. If you can afford it do it!! Your child will have a great experience exploring a new culture. Good Luck.

Petrish more than 9 years ago

I need help.

I was enrolled in a college in my town. But dropped out because I was told UK has different requirements than we do in America and it would be a waste of time. Is this true ?

nikki more than 9 years ago

Social work in the u.k.

Good on you Nicole, wonderful experiences when you live and work abroad! I lived and worked in the u.k. From 2004- 2006 iam Australian, it was the best years of my life. The ease of travel and the friends you make, is the icing on the cake. Now, 10'years later I want to do it again. Does anyone have the info on re applying for GSCC registration. Last time I ad a work permit, had o get the job first.

Kym Alexander more than 8 years ago

Social work in the UK

Nice article. I too am a LCSW interested in working in the UK. I am also certified to evaluate and provide treatment to sex offenders. Do you have information to share that could help me achieve my dream of working in the UK.

Marcus Goff Jones more than 6 years ago


Hi! I work as a social worker in mental health here in the US. I have visited Ireland twice and it has been my dream to live there since that first visit at 18. Well, I am ready to start doing that! I am more than willing to accept a social work position anywhere in the UK though. I am not a recent student and so I need help finding a job that will sponsor me! I know this is tough, which is why I am writing. Any help or connections you know of would be great! In the mean time I am researching visas and starting to apply! I am thrilled to begin the search and have set a move over there date of September if I haven't found anything. Any resources you have would be fabulous!

Heidi Welsch more than 8 years ago


Heidi - sounds like we are in the same situation. I'm looking for SW jobs in the UK. Would love to info share with you.

Tori more than 8 years ago

I can relate!!

I am graduating with my Master's in Social Work in less than two months and I'm seriously struggling to find a legitimate placement agency to work in the UK as well. :( I really hope I can connect with someone soon on how to work through this process of being sponsored and registered.

Kari Goudge more than 8 years ago

Looking for a Sponsorship Social Work Job in the UK

Could you please provide the name of a few Social Work Job recruitment agencies in the UK. I am exploring the possibility of working overseas.

Lucia Vargas-Jimenez more than 8 years ago


Lucia, I don't have any firsthand knowledge about the UK recruiting companies. If you Google "social work UK recruitment," you can find info about some of them. more than 8 years ago

Better late than never

Hello Nicole, I am wondering if you were able to figure out a plan to work abroad. I too am a single mother and will be graduating with an MSW in the spring. I am interested in working in England. Like you - I am concerned about the safety of my daughter. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have to offer. Thank you!

Georgia more than 7 years ago

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