Compassion Fatigue: Being an Ethical Social Worker

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I dont know the author but I am gonna take a wild guess. She is white. IT's no surprise then that this article has not mention of the different realities that social workers of colour have to put up with in the workplace. Our struggles go beyond compassion fatigue, as we experience racism by the institutions, managers, coworkers, and clients at work.

guydojifya more than 4 years ago

tt's more than one thing gets the brick walls.

People who are physically disabled esp invisible disabilites (of any color) get it all too, and minority communities are often lagging even the minimums in supporting disabled needs. Poor, under educated communities of any color also see a lot of disrespect and denials. We need to be All Together on reaching for equality or we fight different battles ,alone.

DC Matthews more than 4 years ago

Excellent article, let's change things . . .

Thank you for this insightful article calling attention to the great need for addressing self care in the profession of social work. I have experience secondary trauma and compassion fatigue throughout my career. There have been negative consequences for me both professionally and personally. Recently, I took courses to prepare myself to provide clinical supervision to social workers and these courses were excellent but there was little content specific to this topic. Lets continue to educate others and to take action to speak compassionately with those that we see suffering from secondary trauma. The lives of our colleagues matter as much as the lives of our clients. Think about that! How can we impart health unless we possess it? Such a key topic! Lets bring back a solid foundation of support and care for all workers in the field!!!!

Sherry Moon, LCSW more than 7 years ago

CF-VT-STS-PTS Training

As social workers we need to teach CF-VT-STS-PTS awareness, self care plans, and treatment resources to SW students in school and also build these into policy and practice in our SW agencies. Contact Francoise Mathieu. Anna Baranowsky, myself and other CF educators and counsellors if interested

Bill Sparks more than 8 years ago


Hello, Bill. I know it's been more than 4 years at this point, but I am a Social Work Intern who's just starting the first semester of my MSW program and I thought that your training thing sounded interesting. I don't know what CF stands for. Or VT. Or STS. Or PTS. But I have always been interested in learning about any sort of training in regards to empowering or maintaining the welfare of the social worker's self.

Noreen Arshad more than 4 years ago

He was right

I think the man's reaction was end result of his experience in protecting himself from compassion fatigue. Probably learned through experience. Maybe the best protective notion is that we might be able to give those going in and those already established in the profession is the skills to leave worries at the end of the day.

Rebecca more than 8 years ago

Compassion Fatigue: being an Ethical Social Worker

The compassion piece, I believe is really what makes US feel and combats the paralysis of the traumatic aspect , Wurzweiler, the "touchy feely" school which I attended, (and maybe you did also, since you look familiar), taught me about emotions. The career experiences and my belief in the feeling aspects, taught me how to love the profession the way that you do. Religion also helped. Great article.

barbara arfe more than 9 years ago

"Touchy Feely" school

I attend Wurzweiler as well. Is Wurtzweiler different in this aspect of compassion? are not all social workers taught the first thing is empathy and the therapeutic alliance?

Robert more than 3 years ago

To Robert

I think both empathy and the therapeutic alliance are key pieces in social work practice and are taught in social work schools -- not just yours! Thanks for reading. more than 3 years ago

Thank you!

I couldn't agree more. Thanks for validating!

Robert more than 3 years ago

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