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For those who are members of marginalized groups, self-care is wrapped up in our liberation. Knowing that our liberation isn’t found in adjusting to an unjust society, we recognize self-care can’t be realized just through bubble baths. Read more

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With self-awareness, the writer moved from self-care that was "for work" only to self-compassion, self-love, and wholehearted self-care for her own happiness. Read more

Self Care

Adaptability is a muscle that requires exercise like any other muscle we want to flex. In the field of social work, the art of adaptability is what can set us apart from the pack, allowing us to become leaders who set an example. Read more


Self-care needs to be individualized, integrated, and intentional. It needs to be structured, SMART, and sustainable. Habits engage all these components. Forming positive habits is crucial to self-care success. Read more

Self Care

Stephen asked social workers on Twitter what self-care apps they use. Most common were meditation and fitness apps. Read more


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What is your self-care vision for 2020? Consider choosing a self-care word and creating a 20 for 2020 list to focus your self-care efforts and goals. Read more

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Self-care needs to be adapted by the seasons. Even if one’s geographic location doesn’t have nature’s signs to indicate the change of seasons, seasonal self-care variations are beneficial. Rest, reflect, and reconnect during the winter months. Read more

Self Care

Mr. Rogers with Officer Clemmons

By Dr. François S. Clemmons - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Viewing the latest Mr. Rogers biopic film, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," reminded social worker Wade Drury of the impact Mr. Rogers made in his own childhood and how his self-care lessons remain relevant today. Read more

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Of course, there is no universal feeling that defines being a social worker. However, I do believe there are some unifying, unsaid themes. Read more

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Viewing self-care as only “feel good” (unintentionally) equates self-care with a special treat, extra luxury, or rare indulgence. In fact, self-care is sometimes uncomfortable and often difficult. Read more

Self Care

Pitting organizational accountability or community care against individual empowerment and vice versa is largely counterproductive. Let’s just come to complementary and constructive terms: Community Care, AND Organizational Wellness, AND Self-Care Read more

Self Care

Social service organizations are experiencing critical challenges and even crises. We’ve been through these times—recently and over the course of our careers. Here are our top 3 strategies. Read more

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Most of us work in environments of (what we call) “organized chaos.” As part of our professional self-care, we need to take some time to reflect about how to rearrange our surroundings to promote a more peaceful state. Read more

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It's the 3rd anniversary of the Self-Care A-Z blog. Let’s use September to focus on professional self-care. As contrasted with self-care outside work parameters, professional self-care is how we integrate and prioritize self-care as part of our work. Read more

Self Care

Take time to explore what you need to take care of yourself, whether exercise, walking on the beach, getting more sleep, or something else. It is essential, as a social worker, that you give attention to your own self-care. Read more

Self-Care Summer

As social workers, we sit with a lot of loss. Depending on the type of social work, the death of a client can be a regular part of the work. For me, that’s not the case, or at least it wasn’t until this year. Peter reflects on loss of a client. Read more

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Journaling helps to protect from burnout by providing a release of stressful and potentially toxic perceptions and emotions. As a catalyst to gaining greater self-awareness and acceptance, it empowers you to maintain personal and professional limits. Read more

Self-Care Summer

If we only eat bon-bons, we’ll have serious health consequences. And, no matter how much we may want at times, we cannot live in a bubble (bath) forever. However, having those “B” strategies helps us bring our “A” self-care game. Read more

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In March of this year, a mentor and LCSW took her own life. I want us to be aware that we are no different from our clients in our pain or methods of removing the pain. Reach out to someone you trust, and take care of yourself. Read more

Self-Care Summer


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