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Your Professional Portfolio: Documenting Your Social Work Career

Some undergraduate and graduate social work programs require their students to have an academic portfolio as part of graduation requirements. Is this the same as a professional social work portfolio? No, not really.



Leaving your social work job can be a difficult decision. Figuring out if and when you should leave will have an impact on your career and your family. more


So here you are, an older/nontraditional student who has majored in social work and who isn’t quite sure which path to follow with your degree. Unlike a lot of other careers, social work offers many choices. Life experience can be an asset. more

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Many people are truly called to work with patients who are dying. As someone who didn’t feel called to this work and didn’t have a lot of experience being in the dying space with someone, this was terrifying work for me. more

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We spend more time at work with our co-workers than we do with our own families or personal support networks during the week. So, if you don’t have strong, healthy relationships at your place of employment, work can be stressful. more


How do we really know what the future holds or if we will be happy in a particular job? You can go to school and learn all about the theory of helping people, but until you actually do the work, you won’t know if social work is right for you. more


Satisfaction increases the ability of the worker to meet every challenge and enjoy every moment. I challenge you to work toward a satisfying social work career, and you will experience success along the way. more


What can we accomplish by setting goals? Short-term goals help keep us focused on the outcome we are striving for without allowing us to feel overwhelmed. Tips are offered for social work students and graduates. more


A few months (or more) of unemployment can feel like an eternity. Here are some tips to help you stay strong. more


You have your social work degree(s), and you have a job. What else do you need to sustain a long and healthy career in social work? Here are some of the tools you should have in your “Professional Social Worker Toolkit.” more

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The moment you have been waiting for is here! You have been offered a social work job! There are several factors to consider when deciding to accept or decline an offer. more


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