Ethics Alive! The 2017 NASW Code of Ethics: What's New?

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Your change in language is not approved by the disability community. It is boneheaded to go against what that community has chosen for itself and shows a lack of collaboration, consultation and solidarity on your part.

Tom Wilson 11 days ago


Others could say it's also lack of empathy. Recognising a person's strengths or their system around them strengths does not need to happen in the expense of acknowledging (accepting?) an individual's disability or a disability within their social environments. Both are relevant to a social worker's role and important parts of the intervention plan pursued for the individual.

Angelo Koutoumanos 9 days ago

Compassion for all through effective communication

Please...let's try to practice thoughtful and respectful communication. Express your concerns without attacking. Assume that the authors had good intentions. This is how we heal the world and ourselves.

Jill 6 days ago

Der Jill,

First off - Effective communication - None of that happened within this revision. Thats part of the issue.
Second - Attacking?...I must have missed something - Its called a critical consciousness, Jill. A social concept. Shouldn't a social worker know this?

John Abbate 4 days ago

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