Spring 2007

As Director of NGOabroad, I assist people to get into international humanitarian work, either paid or voluntary. This article explores the challenges and how to get your foot in the door for paid international social work. more »

Careers 1 Comments

If you are contemplating that jump to private practice in social work, how do you know whether you are ready or not? Given appropriate licensing and experience, you will still have to make that inner decision to go ahead. more »


Is your social work research paper due? This article will take you through steps to write a literature review. more »


I wanted to explore a career path where I could make a difference not just in someone’s life, but also in their day. The Hartford Foundation’s Practicum Partnership Program (PPP) seemed like a great opportunity to explore something new. more »

Field Placement

Climate change is the most important social welfare issue we face as social workers. A social worker grandfather reflects on climate change. more »


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