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Social Work Grad School: Now or Later?

Should you go to graduate school right after undergrad, or wait until later? The answer is: it depends. Make the choice that's right for YOU.

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I understand that you are interested in joining our club called “Social Work.” If you could spare a moment, I’d like to share some thoughts with you. more »

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Most mental health professionals have to take steps after earning their first license to qualify for independent practice. Licensees who most successfully navigate the process do so following many of the recommendations in this article. more »

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Two types of support systems are beneficial for social work students: informal and formal. Your support system will help keep you from being discouraged and giving up on yourself when life becomes overwhelming. more »

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Age does not have to discourage us from being successful in fulfilling our dreams and achieving our goals. more »

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The beginning of any life-changing event is difficult. I want to offer a few simple tips that I learned through this process that may help other students succeed in the first months of social work graduate school. more »

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Each year, thousands of social workers find themselves with heightened irritability, sensitivity, and exhaustion. They bite their nails, they lose sleep, they worry, fret, and frown. They’re preparing for the social work licensing exam. more »

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Tips and tricks that help you guess on the licensure exam are dangerous. Learn to think like a social worker to pass the social work exam. more »

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