The Tuskegee Syphilis Study and Its Implications for the 21st Century

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Unethical Situation

The syphilis study should have been stopped earlier, and it was obvious that the doctors knew what they were doing. Penicillin was available to treat the symptoms of syphilis, but of course the treatment was withheld. I'm glad that the story, as well as the unethical treatment of the victims was exposed. $10 million dollars wasn't enough to undo the damage that was caused.

LaTrice 357 days ago

virus or bacteria

Syphilis is caused by a Bacterium called Treponema Palidum, not a virus.

devon more than 2 years ago


Yes, the mention of a virus is a quote from another source about a misconception about the study. So, the idea that it is caused by a virus is a misconcepton, as well as the idea that the men were injected with such a "virus." more than 2 years ago

Ethical research

Excellent summary of this unethical research and social injustice.

Dr. V more than 2 years ago

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