Ethics: To Tell or Not to Tell-A Case Study

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While there is potential that her disorder could cause her to become violent so far she has proven that she recognizes her warning signs and will seek the appropriate level of assistance. It seems to be best not to breach the confidentiality.

Alecia Bernardoni 322 days ago


that is a form of discrimination. If mary had cancer would you think she was a danger to clients or couldnt do her job ? What does marys health history have to do with her work ethic? She has all the credentials, giving out her confidential heallth info can get you in trouble.

anisa abdullahi more than 1 year ago

The case of Mary.

My solution: you are obligated to keep your mouth shut. Why? 1. Mary's medical information is confidential. 2. There is no clear and obvious danger to clients. You are ASSUMING that there will be a problem due to her HISTORY, and not based on current behavior.

Sofia more than 4 years ago

Good Excellent

Great point, Sofia!

Mostafa Assi more than 1 year ago

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