Your Client Is More Tired Than You Are

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Your client is more tired than you are

Molly what a great article, well written and so true as to the struggle of our patients and social workers/therapist. I have had those days many of times and have had to practice my mindfulness skills or find some sort of balance so that I can trek on. Our patients/clients are often times more tired than we are but at least we have supports they often times have no one.

Evette Blackman, LCSW 5 days ago

Your Client Is More Tired Than You Are

Wonderful article. Everything you stated is right on target. As social workers, we need to take more " self care days off " and rejuvenate our soul and spirit.

Voile Cohen 5 days ago

Thank you!

I can relate to this but in different ways as I am working with adults who did not get their high school diploma and I see their struggle to work hard to accomplish that goal. They too are tired and exhausted from life but still show up. I see my teachers showing up for them even when they are having bad days and the pay is not the best.

Sherry Moore 7 days ago

Keep keepin' on

Sherry- what important work. It must be rewarding to see adults working to change their own narrative. Thank you for what you and your teachers do, and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Molly Skawski 5 days ago


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